Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some helpful topics containing questions we are frequently asked. If you have a question which is not listed on this page, please speak with one of our Live Chat team or call 0330 333 2233.

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What file types do you accept?

We accept PDF format artwork only.

If you are sending us artwork with a mix of graphics and photography, please provide us with a print ready PDF. If you are sending any photography, please ensure it is as high resolution as possible.

What is the maximum file size for uploading my artwork?

Our maximum size upload is 500MB.

If you need any help as your file are larger, please speak with one of ourLive Chat teamor call 0330 333 2233.

My file is over 500MB how can I send it to you?

We would recommend WeTransfer or Dropbox as it is free to use and you can send files up to 2GB. All you need to do is enter the email address you need to send the artwork (if you have not been provided with an email address, please send to provide your address, select your file, add a message along with order number.

Can you check my files?

We have two levels of artwork service: Just Print or File Check.

Just Print:
We will automatically Just Print your Print Ready PDF as supplied. This service is free.

File Check:
For only £10 our expert artwork department will check all the artwork you upload to ensure you get the best result out of your print.

Please note: This service is a technical file check.Please note that this is not a proofing service. Spelling, design and positioning are the responsibility of the client. We recommend that all artwork guidelines are followed as provided on the site.

What happens if my artwork is wrong?

As trade printers, we expect print ready files to be supplied. Files not to our specifications may produce unexpected results, may be rejected and may cause a delay to your job.

My artwork has been rejected what should I do?

If you have used our Just Print service and your file has been rejected, you will need to re-submit your order following the instructions provided via email. Please note all artwork issues are corresponded through email or your personal Notification centre so please make sure you check your inbox including your junk folders as well as your Notification center to make sure your artwork has not been rejected. Alternately you can check your account to see the latest status of your order.

If you have used our File Checking service the systems will detect certain common errors with files; you will be notified by email should our system discover an error and you will be given a chance to reupload your corrected file,

Please note: this service should not be relied upon as a replacement for proofing, it only applies to technical aspects: low resolution images, incorrect dimensions, unembedded fonts etc. to ensure your files are passed as print ready

Can I receive a proof?

As trade printers, we expect print ready files to be supplied and currently do not offer a proofing service.  

What are Trim, Bleeds and Safe Margins?

The trim lines help indicate where the product is cut down to the desired size and refers to the end of the paper or finished size of a product.

The bleed is the area to be trimmed and ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.

The safe margin is the area between the text and graphics that are not meant to be trimmed.

I have ordered Scodix, how do I let you know where to apply it?

We recommend using a program like Adobe Illustrator, creating a new layer called ' SCODIX' and indicating where you’d like it, using 100% Magenta Spot Colour to highlight the area. Alternatively, check out our How To Guide or Youtube video.

Do you print in RGB or CMYK?

We print in CMYK. When providing artwork, the colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK, as this could affect your colours).

What are the CMYK values for your Lux card inners?

Bespoke prices

Our website has a vast number of products available and we add new products on a regular basis. However, if there is something you need that isn't on our website, please speak with our dedicated WTTB estimator Allan on 0208 911 3174 or request a quote that will go directly through to Allan.

Will my customer know that I have used WTTB?

If you need help creating your artwork,we always recommend Tweak. Create print-ready artwork in minutes with handy templates.