15 Ways For Small Businesses To Benefit From The Summer

The summer months can be slow for many businesses, so it’s important that you use every opportunity to make sure that people know about your business. We provide our top tips!

Summer is here!

With the current record heatwaves, we are all certainly aware of this! The trouble is, it is difficult to focus on winning more business when your brain is overheating! So Where The Trade Buys is here to help you out with ideas and inspiration. The summer months can be slow for many businesses. So it’s important that you use every opportunity to make sure that people know about your business and are encouraged to purchase from you.

Here are 15 ways to get the word about your business during the summer months

  1. Summer Promotions. Introduce an exclusive, time-limited summer offering on some of your products or services. You could also create a special summer loyalty card that gives a reward for purchases in summer months only.
  2. Create holiday-themed marketing. Have fun with holidays! The summer has plenty of opportunities for fun and unique marketing. For example, August is National Golf Month: could you create a golf-themed piece of marketing or even create a tie-up with your local golf club?
  3. Hot spot posters. Identify the summer hot spots in your area: beaches, pools, attractions, high-traffic areas, etc. Check out if there are any retail premises near these areas that might prepared to display a poster on your behalf. You might be surprised at the coverage this can give you for a surprisingly low cost.
  4. Outside event marketing. Many people love to be outdoors during the summer so your marketing should follow suit.Check out what outdoor events such as concerts, fetes, sports events and festivals are on near you. See what marketing opportunities exist for you to display banners and posters or hand out flyers . Small events are well placed for this: they may not have thought of selling advertising opportunities so you won’t have much competition and the opportunities are unlikely to be expensive.
  5. Pop-ups. Consider opening a special summer shop for a short period only. You could also have a stand at local outdoor events.
  6. Flyer marketing. People generally have less time to consume content in the summer, so you have to really grab their attention. Why not hire someone to hand out flyers at the strategic summer hot spots you identified in point 1. Do check with your local council first to see if you need specific consent to hand out flyers in the area you have chosen.
  7. Market to local businesses. While the weather is nice, get out and about. Walk down your local high street and let local businesses know what you can do for them. Also, if they are retail businesses, ask if they would be prepared to display some flyers for you.
  8. Community events. There are a lot of community events at this time of year. This can be a great opportunity for you to sponsor and become involved with local organisations and get your name out.
  9. Magazine advertising. Many magazines are short of advertising and editorial in the summer months. You may be able to get a good deal on advertising. The publication might also be prepared to write some editorial about your business as well if you can give them a piece of news for them to focus the piece on.
  10. Advertise on your car. As more people are outside at this time of year, make the most of every outdoor advertising opportunity. This includes your car! You can use a temporary magnetic sign to promote your business on the side of any vehicle.
  11. Be a human advert. You will be out and about more in the summer so make sure you are promoting your business. Wear branded clothing. And make sure you carry a branded travel mug .
  12. Networking. Create a summer networking event for customers and potential customers. You could hire the outside of a pub and ask them to put on a barbecue.
  13. Rebrand. Is your brand ready for a refresh? The summer can be an ideal time to carry this out when business is quieter.
  14. Social media. Shout about all your summer promotions on social media
  15. Get ready for autumn and winter. The sun won’t carry on forever. Think about preparing for a back to school set of promotions. And, although it may seem horribly early, you should really start thinking about Christmas too. We’ll be switching on our Christmas range in September.

There’s no reason not to be busy in summer

If you market hard, you should have plenty of business. Use the checklist and pick just four of the activities that we have listed. You may be surprised at the difference this makes to your business.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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