3 ways to deliver a customer experience that creates raving fans

How do you create raving fans from your customers? We’ve found three sure-fire ways to deliver a great service that makes customers want to help you and your business.

Here are some scary customer statistics for you

80% of companies think that they offer an above average customer service. But only 11% of customers actually think that they receive above average customer service.

Clearly many companies could do a lot more in the customer service area. What is most worrying is that so many companies do not realise that they need to do this.

Delivering the right customer experience is vital for your business

All companies should be aiming to create customers that are raving fans of their businesses. If they manage to achieve this they know that they are developing the right relationships with their clients. But, just as importantly, these customers are likely to go out and recommend the business to their friends and connections. Your customers will become part of your sales team – and you don’t have to pay them commission!

Companies that do not create customers that are raving fans don’t just miss out on achieving more sales through customer recommendations. They will also find that their existing clients are moving elsewhere. They are going to have to work harder and harder just to keep their turnover at the same level.

So how do you create raving fans from your customers? Here are three ways to deliver a great service that makes customers want to help you and your business. The first concentrates on the basic.

Make sure you achieve consistent OTIF delivery

What is OTIF delivery? OTIF stands for On Time, In Full. It may seem strange that achieving this basic standard of service creates happy customers. However, many customers are disappointed that their suppliers do not achieve what they say they will. Simply providing a great level of service goes a long way to creating a happy customer.

Naturally, things will go wrong from time to time. Making sure that you put things right immediately goes a long way to creating a happy customer. Good communication is essential if there is a problem. But, again, many companies do achieve this basic standard of service.

Next, here’s a way to stand out from the crowd.

Give customers a small gift

Make your customers feel special. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You could include a pack of sweets in with the delivery or the invoice. You can also use this opportunity to promote your company at the same time. How about giving them a Branded Mug ?

Another way to make a customer feel special is to send them a thank you note. Why not create your own Thank You Card that you can then handwrite to special customers?

Finally, here’s a great way to make a customer feel special and create more business at the same time.

Sit down and talk to your top customers

Take your best clients out for a coffee or a meal. While you are spending time talking with them, ask them what else you could do for them. Ask them how you could develop your business to service them better.

You will often receive some excellent ideas on how you might develop your business. Equally, your best customers may well ask for service that you already provide but that they didn’t know about! Either way, the will feel appreciated because you have taken the time to ask them more about what they want.

Here at Where The Trade Buys we also want to create raving fans!

Here are some of the things that we do to try and create the best possible customer experience:

  • 99.5% OTIF delivery: we are proud of our success rate and the fact that we put right our rare mistakes immediately
  • People that you can talk to: you can always pick up the phone to us
  • Online help for our customers: we create this blog as well as technical guides on how to make the most of the different products that we sell

We do this because we want to help you create raving fans

We want your customers to come back and place business with you again and again. Together with you, we want to make sure that your customers are part of the 11% that say that they do receive above average customer service.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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