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The printed business card is still popular

There hasn’t really been the right electronic alternative to the printed business card yet. Yes, there’s the vcf but a surprising number of people do not know what this is. And exchanging vcfs doesn’t have quite the same personal touch as presenting your contact with a well-printed and designed card.

So it looks like the business card is here to stay for quite some time. But business cards are far, far more than simply a way to exchange contact details. Here are five rather different ways to use your business card.

1. Remind people of the results that you achieve for them

Traditionally a business card is about you. It’s time to make it about the customer instead. Use one side of your business card to explain clearly what you do for the customer. Here are some ideas:

- Bringing your brand to life (designer)
- Keeping your car on the road (garage mechanic)
- Planning for future generations or Making moving house painless (legal adviser)

Many people have more than one type of customer. Make sure you have a different business card for each of your customer segments.

2. Use them to promote a special offer

Ideally, you want people to use your services quickly. So it can be very powerful to use one side of your card to make a time-limited special offer. What are you prepared to do to attract new customers? Can you offer a discount on the first time they purchase a product or a service? Or is there a new service or product that you are keen to promote? Make sure you change your offer every month.

3. Make your business card a loyalty card

Giving customers a reward in return for repeated business is also a good strategy. We covered loyalty cards in detail in our recent loyalty card article

4. Use the business card as a networking tool

Many people only give their business cards to prospects and customers. We should all use our business cards much more. Make sure you leave a business card with everyone you meet. You never know when they may need your services or might want to pass your details on to someone they know.

5. Refer colleagues and friends through business cards

Consider a mutual referral scheme with trusted partners. You carry around a bunch of their business cards and leave them with people who you think might make good customers for them. Meanwhile, they carry around your business cards and do the same for you.

It’s important to make your business card stand out 

It is important to make people want to look at and keep your business card. That’s why you need to produce something special. Many business cards (especially those produced on “free” sites) look cheap and give the wrong image. 

Here are some ways in which you can make your business card look more impressive:

  • Use a luxe finish . We offer triple layered business cards (that’s 920gsm!) to offer a really luxury feel.
  • Feature round corners . Round corners make a card feel more tactile. It means people are more likely to touch your card and engage with it.
  • Have a scodix finish . Scodix is a clear raised varnish that can be applied as part of your design. It is truly eye-catching – and it makes your card more tactile.
  • Make the format square . Do you want to break with convention and stand out? A square business card is a very cost-effective way to achieve this.

Here’s how one person won a new customer immediately with their business card

One designer featured some different finished on their business card. He showed it to a company that wanted to stand out in the marketplace. They loved what he had achieved with his cards. So they immediately commissioned him to design and print their new business cards. This led on to a lot of other design work as well.

Make sure your business card is ready to achieve similar results. Remember the power of a well-printed and designed card.

PS Make sure you look at the full range of business cards that Where The Trade Buys produce right now. We think you’ll be impressed by our prices. And if you don’t have your own design we have an online designer with a huge selection of templates where you can create your own design.

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