Are you embracing the power of print samples?

One of the best ways to stand out when marketing your services is to use print. But what is it that makes print samples so powerful? This article reveals all...

Do you use samples to win customers?

One of the key messages that we are always keen to promote is that one of the best ways to stand out when marketing your services is to use print. There is nowhere that this is more true than for those who actually sell print.

If we are in the world of print, it is easy to assume that people understand what we are talking about. However, we should remember that print is can be a very closed and scary world to many people. We are often speaking a foreign language to them.

If you want to sell more print, use samples

Print sellers who sell with samples will find it easier to build good relationships with their prospects and customers. It will be more straightforward to get your message across and for people to understand the power of your products. A sample makes it easier for you to be in charge of the conversation. It will be simpler to turn the conversation towards higher priced products with a better profit margin. You are more likely to be able to achieve better results.

Print sellers who ignore samples will find it harder to achieve the same results. The customer is more likely to stay in their comfort zone and stick with standard products that they understand. Then they end up thinking of these as commodity products. So you end up in a price war rather than having a special relationship as a trusted adviser on how to get the most from print and marketing.

So what is it that makes samples so powerful? Let’s start off with the simplest reason.

A sample paints 1,000 words

Have you ever tried to explain the difference between a wove and a laid stock? Or a complicated fold? Or exactly what a Scodix finish looks like? It is really, really hard to do this in words, or even with pictures.

With samples it is a different matter. You can just place an example in your prospect’s hands. It does all the explaining for you. And, at the same time, the sample does far more than this.

Touch increases engagement

Many people engage far more with a product when they have something to touch. It allows them to use an extra sense and this creates more involvement. Some people are primarily kinaesthetic: they primarily take information on board through the sense of touch. Samples are the best way to communicate with this type of person.

But samples are not just for kinaesthetic people. Studies show that making packaging more tactile can add up to 70% more engagement. That is the type of result you can gain from using samples as well. But the results that you can achieve are not just down to touch.

Samples provide inspiration

Many people find it difficult to visualise a piece of print that they haven’t seen before. So they stick to the tried and tested things that they have seen before. However, if you show them a sample then they are much more likely to feel inspired and try something new.

Unusual samples are also good ways to open the door to prospects who don’t yet know you. If you send them standard print you become just another supplier. If you send them something unusual then they are much more likely to be open to meeting with you to find out more about what you do and what you supply.

How do you provide the right samples for your clients?

Naturally, it is important to build up a stock of samples from previous jobs that you have produced. It’s a great start to showing clients what you can achieve for them, especially if you manage design work as well.

The problem comes when prospects and clients want to compare different stocks and finishes. It is unlikely that you have produced a job using everything that they might want to see. And that’s where Where The Trade Buys is able to help.

We produce two types of sample pack. The first is a set of business card stock samples. We produce cards on over fifteen types of material. For just £5 we send you a sample pack of every single one. We also have a sample box with a whole range of paper stocks for digital, litho and wide format for just £24. All of our samples are unbranded so there is no problem in passing them on to customers. Find out more details and order our sample packs here.

Sell with samples!

Samples really do help change the sale. So make sure that you tip the odds in your favour with your own sample library.

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