Are you listening to what your customers want?

Practical ideas on how you can grow your business based on the power of customer feedback...

At WTTB our customers grow our business

We have experienced some pretty impressive growth recently. It would be easy to pat ourselves on the back and say how great we are at growing a business. But the truth is that it isn’t down to us. It’s down to our clients. We grow because we listen to our customers.

All our new products are guided by our customers. And so are our services and the way we do business. Here are some of the latest things we have done as a result of our customers.

We have launched new products because of our customers

Right now we have just introduced two new promotional products. The first is desk pads : they are a great way to keep a company name in front of a customer. We have also launched stackable cubes. These create instant retail and hospitality promotions. They are easily moved and changed and are available in a variety of sizes.

We didn’t just choose these products at random: we chose them because lots of our customers were asking for them.

Customer feedback also led to us improving our bespoke quoting service

We had already added a bespoke quote button to every product, making it easy to ask for a quote for something that was not on the site. And we introduced a specialist bespoke quoting team to speed up the service and give customers access to more specialist knowledge. Now we’ve gone further: Bespoke Quote communications have been given some polish, highlighting valuable information such as lead times. A new Pending Quotes option has also been added to the dashboard, making it simpler than ever to manage outstanding requests. So you won’t end up submitting the same quote multiple times.

We launched a newspaper

We received feedback that customers wanted to know the latest developments at WTTB and receive advice. But not everyone was seeing all our emails. Others wanted hard copy communication. So we launched WTTB Post, our bi-monthly newspaper where we publish all our news and advice and include other information not available online. It has been very well received. If you would like to receive a copy of our Newsletter, all you have to do is opt-in when you sign up or if you are already registered you can amend your options for marketing in your personal dashboard.

Naturally, you can also have your own newspaper printed by us!

So how do we get feedback from our customers?

Here are just three of the ways that let us listen to what our customers are saying:

Firstly, we have a live customer service team. They always listen. We have regular team meetings to make sure we review what our customers are saying.

Next, we hold customer open days. We launched this in 2019 and our first one was so successful we ended up running two more in swift succession! It is an excellent opportunity for our management team to listen directly to our customers and find out what is good, how we can improve and what else you want from us.

We also ask for feedback via Trustpilot. We are delighted that over 80% of reviews about us are five-star ones! But we like to hear about issues as well. Not only do we take time to respond to every negative review, but we also use these reviews as a learning experience to see what we can do better.

We are proud of how we have grown from customer feedback, but this article is for you

What can you do to gain customer feedback and act on it? We hope that this article has given you some practical ideas on how you can grow your business based on the power of customer feedback. Just like us, your customers can grow your business.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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