Are you planning & promoting your seasonal sale at the right time of year?

Whatever you are promoting, it's important to start planning and marketing early. Our research reveals key reasons to encourage your customers to think ahead.

Have you noticed that Easter eggs started appearing in supermarkets soon after Christmas?

The marketing campaigns for Easter have already commenced. Some people may believe that it is far too early to start thinking about Easter. Nonetheless, many others are already busy planning for it.

Whatever you are promoting, it is important to start planning and marketing early. Marketing too near to an actual event is usually far too late. Prospects often make plans early. This is supported by some of the research that Where The Trade Buys has carried out. This research has led us to an important understanding.

December is a bad time of year to promote Christmas

We already know that a lot of our customers think about Christmas in good time. This is because we start receiving messages about Christmas products as early as September, even before retail Christmas promotions have started. We decided to a bit more digging to understand demand more.

The next step was to carry out research on our search engine results. When we started looking at these in more detail we were surprised. We knew that people were talking about Christmas early, but we were surprised at just how many people were carrying out online research at this time of the year. But we don’t just promote Christmas early because people want us to.

Christmas products also bring production issues. It’s a busy time of year for us so we try and encourage people to order early. In addition, we also produce advent calendars. Naturally, these are no use after 1st December. They also take a little time to produce. So we have to stop promoting these in mid-November.

If we started promoting Christmas too late, we wouldn’t make the sales that we do. Nor would our clients. The ones who sell the most print at Christmas are the ones who start promoting early.

It’s the same with Easter and other seasonal events

The supermarkets are stocking eggs now because people are already thinking about Easter. If they don’t promote now, they will lose business to the competition. You should be encouraging your clients to think about Easter now as well.

You or your clients should also be thinking about the following events very soon:

  • School and local fetes and fairs
  • Shows and events at local parks and attractions
  • Fun runs and other sporting events
  • Carnivals and summer festivals

At the time of writing it is freezing outside so these events may seem very far away. However, many people are making plans far into the future. They need and want to know about these events now.

We are already gearing up for production for Easter and similar events. We have been thinking hard about which products people will need most.

Here’s a handy guide to useful print for Easter and spring/summer events

Firstly, think about how you or your customers are going to promote Easter events. Think about producing:

  • Banners and Outdoor Signage at the venue
  • Posters at the venue and at other suitable sites
  • Flyers distributed to places where potential customers will pick them up or for door drops
  • Invitations to special events such as Easter egg hunts

Make sure that everything is set for the actual event itself:

The last four items also make useful Easter marketing ideas for all sorts of companies.

It’s time to start thinking about the coming months now

Remember: people want to plan early. If you don’t help them, someone else will!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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