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Developing Customer Loyalty in Beauty

In retail – no matter what you are selling – loyalty is key. One-off purchases are all well and good, but what every business owner values is repeat custom, not least because it’s proof they are selling the right goods and services to the right people.

The beauty industry is no different and, to build loyalty, you have to persuade the customer to shop with you not once, but again and again. You want to make it so that if they want mascara or a pampering facial, they wouldn’t think to go anywhere else.

It helps to know exactly what your brand strategy is and to stick to it. If you are building a reputation for good value for money, don’t suddenly start offering Crème de la Mer facials, for example.

The last thing you want to do is alienate your existing customers – this is all about keeping them.

What’s in it for them?

To develop customer loyalty you have to put yourself in their shoes. Why should they buy your lipstick or visit your salon?

Well, they need to know your goods and service are excellent and that they aren’t wasting their money shopping with you. Plus, there’s the aftercare element. It’s about staying in touch once they’ve left your salon or website and showing how much you value their custom.

It’s about keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds, and there are many ways to do just that.

How to create loyalty

Engagement is key – not just between you and your customer, but between your community of customers.

Beauty loyalty cards and beauty rewards programmes are a great tool to achieve this because they make the consumer feel part of something bigger.

Creating an online community link on your website is equally helpful – a place where your customers can swap reviews and share advice and where you can post priority access to new products, for example.

And if your business is about treatments rather than products, stay in touch with your clients. Let them know about new products or treatments suited to their skin type, perhaps or give them free samples to try at home.

Beauty salon loyalty cards are another great way of rewarding your customers – they might get every tenth visit free or a discount on certain treatments.

Social media, too, is a simple and effective way to keep in touch and to bring a personal vibe to your business.

If you can encourage interaction among your customer base to create a tight-knit community – loyalty is sure to follow.

They need to view you and your business not as a stranger but as part of their family. And, as with all families, the more you stay in touch, the stronger the ties become.

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