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Growing Your Beauty Business with UGC: The Importance of Influencer Beauty

Once upon a time – not actually very long ago – the beauty business was about aspirational glamour.

Big-name beauty houses used highly expensive, professional models to showcase their products – and the unspoken message was that if you used their lipstick, for example, you too could look like Cindy Crawford.

Fast forward to 2021 and the industry – in line with the times – has changed.

Most women know that no amount of lipstick alone will make them look like a supermodel – and they don’t want to anyway. They want to look like themselves, but the best version of themselves.

And that’s where user-generated content comes in.

Increasingly, shoppers want to see real people using products and read real reviews – not cleverly composed advertising copy.

This has spawned a growing body of top beauty bloggers and beauty influencers – people whose opinions are so trusted that their followers will willingly snap up a product just on their say-so.

It’s basically an online personal recommendation. So, how do you join the influencer beauty party?

Reaching out to the top beauty bloggers

This is all about identifying the right people for your product. A simple search of online platforms such as Instagram will reveal which people or accounts have the most followers and enable you to identify those who post about beauty and skincare.

Ensure you hashtag them in all your posts, and you can arrange via direct messaging to send them your product to review.

Your aim with user-generated content is to get your product or service in front of as many people as possible and, in return, they post their own reviews or images on their social media accounts.

It is a win-win situation; they get something for nothing, and your brand gets namechecked to all their followers, some of whom will hopefully then buy your product or service themselves.

Why does user-generated content work?

At its most simple level, it is a happy customer telling their social media friends about their new makeup product or sharing photos of their luscious new lashes.

It works because it relies on real people – and in 2021, authenticity is everything.

It is also immediate – your product or beauty treatment can be instantly propelled onto thousands of mobile phones with no need for expensive photoshoots or professional lighting.

For skincare products, there is also an opportunity to demonstrate the progress over time – while a user review of eyeshadow, for example, can demonstrate the depth of its pigment and the ease of application.

Not all user-generated content has to be visual either. Testimonials – short, written reviews posted by a happy customer on a social media platform or on your website – have the same effect.

This really is a sea of change for the industry – so jump aboard and help shape the beauty revolution.


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