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How To Promote Your Beauty Business

So, you’ve learnt your craft, you’ve bought your tools and equipment, and you’re ready to get going … All you need now are some customers.

Thankfully, there have never been more opportunities to promote your beauty business – and the great thing is that it needn’t be expensive.

To cover all bases, you might want to use a mix of traditional marketing – with printed flyers and leaflets treatment lists you can hand out, post through doors, or pop on the counters of other local businesses – and online platforms.

The online community

When you are looking to get more beauty clients, an online presence is a must.

And the beauty salon market, with its endless potential for eye-catching photography, really lends itself to this.

Your first step is to list your business on every search engine business listing platform you can find – such as Google and Yell – and this is free in many cases.

The second is to look for local community-based forums and sites. Again, many welcome free business listings and are a great way of making sure people in your neighbourhood know about you.

Consider creating a simple website – this not only gives an air of professionalism but also enables you to fully list your treatments, your qualifications, and showcase your services.

Remember to engage with the online community too! Ask customers to leave reviews, create special offers for new or repeat clients, and set up an Instagram account so you can show your work off – after all, they do say a picture paints a thousand words.

Face to face

Whether you are in the beauty industry market or the skincare market, the best person to sell you is you.

Get out and about and introduce yourself to other businesses in your area. Coffee shops and newsagents are often happy to display flyers and business cards, while there may also be businesses you could partner with.

Perhaps you specialise in brows and lashes – ask the local nail or hair salon if they might be able to recommend you to their clients. After all, their clients are clearly invested in their appearance, so they should be a perfect fit for you.

It’s important to know your market. If your services are mainly aimed at women, contact the local Women’s Institute, for example. Offer to talk to them about what you do and maybe create an introductory offer for them.

You are your own best advert – so get out there and spread the word.


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