Boost your marketing with a selfie frame

As a marketer, have you realised the full potential of the selfie frame yet? As well as being a fun prop to have at your next event, they also give your brand and message more reach. Read to find out how…

Whether you’re familiar with the term or not, you’re sure to have seen Selfie Frames at a recent corporate event or private function.

Having a selfie fame with you allows you to add an interesting element to any event – and makes a real impact on any photos you capture. Visitors can take turns standing inside the selfie frame and you can take pictures for marketing materials in the future.

As a marketer, have you realised the full potential of the selfie frame yet? As well as being a fun prop to have at your next event, staff party, or exhibition, they also give your brand and message more reach. Read below to find out how…

They’re versatile

Selfie frames are appropriate for all types of business event. Purchasing one selfie frame can give you something fun at industry exhibitions and business-hosted events, but can also be fantastic on team nights out and give staff a fun (and company-branded) to bond and team-build.

They’re great for a special occasion

You’ll never forget a business event with a selfie frame, as attendees are encouraged to take pictures to remember the day. Get the date and name of event printed on, and guests will always look back on the photos and remember where they were. Check out our Selfie Frame Designer for guidance.

They grab attention

This is a particularly important one if you’re attending exhibitions, networking events or trade shows, where you need to stand out from hundreds of attending businesses. A selfie frame will encourage people to stop and talk to you and your team, immediately engaging with your company. They’ll also remind you of who was there, and help you match names to business cards after the event.

They’re affordable

When you’re managing campaigns, you’ll have an eye on your budgets at all times. Fortunately, selfie frames are a very affordable item, well-worth the investment. Prices for single selfie frames are £19.80 for an A2, £24.60 for an A1 and £34.20 for an A0 size frame – it just depends on how many people you need in the picture to what size you need!

You get social traction from the results

There’s something about pictures taken using a selfie frame that people really engage with. Make sure you keep a copy of all the photos and get them uploaded to social media soon after the event. People who attended it are likely to be looking for the photos afterwards, so having them up there gives them a chance to tag and share as they see fit. And remember – the selfie frame will be covered in your brand and message, so you’re getting free coverage.

Find out more about our Selfie Frames here!

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