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How Do You Market A Charity Campaign?

As anyone who has ever run a campaign will tell you, there are three golden rules; it must be short, sharp and winnable.

That means that before you even embark on it you must identify your end goal and it must be realistic.

Then you have to identify the fastest and most effective route to reaching it.

So, if you are a small charity there is no sense in launching a campaign to raise a million pounds. You may get there but it would take months, if not years – and you, your team and your campaign will likely run out of steam by then.

Better instead to launch a campaign to raise a smaller sum, or, instead, to raise whatever’s needed to buy a specialist piece of equipment for a hospital or fund a particular project, such as a new roof for the community centre.

This has the added advantage of enabling donors to visualise where their money is going and being quite clear about how it will be spent.

Best Charity Marketing

The best charity marketing campaigns rely on two things – providing a clear, concise message and taking that message to as many people as possible.

When plotting your marketing campaign, be clear about who you are, the aim of your campaign and how people can donate.

Then get leaflets, flyers and posters printed, look at getting banners and stands you can take to mass participation events such as festivals, marathons etc and get branded collecting tins and buckets.

Think about publicity, too. Contact your local newspaper and radio station and tell them what you are doing and why – then ask them if they can publicise it for you. There is no charge for editorial stories as you are providing them with a news story as opposed to an advert, which must be paid for.

Go on social media – this is a great way to publicise your campaign and you can provide links to a site such as Just Giving, so it’s easier for people to donate.

Update your website so it features your campaign and provide an at-a-glance visual that shows how much you have raised. This really helps people feel progress is being made and builds a sense of anticipation.

And … and this is crucial … don’t just do these things once – keep doing them until you reach your target. Keep handing out flyers, keep pestering radio stations and newspapers, keep rattling your collecting boxes and keep posting updates on social media.

Because when this campaign is over you will need to start thinking about the next one … and the one after that.

And, throughout all of this, ensure you build a database of donors – in line with GDPR guidance.

Keep in touch with those people, try and build a relationship – you never know, next time they may offer to donate again or to lend you a hand.

After all, that is essentially what charity is about – people helping people.


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