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Developing A Full Marketing Strategy For Your Construction Business

Whether you are planning a marketing strategy for a construction company, or a marketing strategy for building materials, the approach is broadly the same.

Begin with determining what your strengths are – or the area of work you’d most like to expand into – and identifying your target market. If you specialise in repointing chimneys, for example, then your target market will be owners of older properties.

And if you specialise in creating extensions then tightly packed terraced properties may not give you the space or scope you need – you might be better targeting owners of semi or detached properties, designed for growing families and with garden space to expand into.

With those factors decided, it’s time to start marketing and basically that means telling potential customers who you are and what you do.

The best marketing strategy for construction companies is one that covers as many bases as possible; that harnesses the instant appeal of social media, with the sense or permanence and reassurance that comes with branded, printed brochures, flyers and signage.

Because, while social media posts allow you to showcase your work to an almost infinite number of people, they are fleeting, whereas traditional marketing materials can be kept indefinitely, lingered over and referred to again and again.

Construction companies have a great advantage over businesses in many other sectors in terms of marketing because the nature of their work means it is often highly visible.

The best marketing for contractors and domestic construction forms alike is street or roadside signage.

This is because people are by nature largely curious. If they see building work being carried out in their neighbourhood they will look, they will follow its progress and they may even stop and talk to the builders to find out more about it.

So, ensure your vans are liveried with your name and contact details. Ensure your team have branded work clothes and that they carry business cards to hand out to passers-by.

Ensure each project you are working on has a banner and signage advertising your company, because you only have to meet this cost once – the banner and signage can go with you to the next job and the one after that.

If you have the time and manpower, spend half an hour at the start and end of each working day, posting leaflets or flyers through neighbouring letterboxes.

Content Marketing For Construction Companies

Content marketing is a means by which you market your product or service solely by tailoring your photography, your videos and the written word to your target audience.

It’s most commonly communicated on online platforms, such as your website and social media and the basic principles outlined above apply here.

So, if you know you are looking to sell your expertise in loft conversions, for example, you post attractive pictures of those you have already completed and make sure you hashtag groups or businesses that may have an allied interest.


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