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How To Advertise A Construction Company

As with so many industries, word of mouth is the best form of construction marketing – but it is by far not the only form.

Construction is a competitive sector and it would be naïve to rely on word of mouth alone. The fittest, most robust businesses know that pro-active advertising is crucial if they want a healthy order book.

So, how do you market construction? Much depends on whether you are hoping to win business from the domestic market, or if you are planning to tender for large scale commercial developments.

Let’s start with the domestic market. The first thing you need to do is be clear about what you are offering. Do you specialise in bricklaying or paving, for example?

Or can your team turn their hands to everything from loft conversions to home extensions?

List what you can offer and, if you can provide good quality images of work you’ve carried out – ideally before you began and after you’d finished – that is a great help.

Next, identify the geographical area you can cover as this will be a key element in your advertising and marketing campaign.

Finally, identify how you wish to be contacted. Now, you have the key pieces of information - who you are, what you do, where you do it and how customers can reach you – you need to promote your construction business.

How To Promote Your Construction Business

With advertising, much depends on your budget. There are social media platforms you can use, which have no cost at all – however, the jury is still out as whether social media ‘likes’ have much impact on sales.

Another helpful form of advertising is to create banners and signs to place around any sites you’re working on.

If people see you working on a house in their neighbourhood, they can see the quality of work for themselves and a sign or stand enables them to jot down your contact details.

One of the best forms of targeted advertising, however, is still direct marketing.

Producing flyers that can be handed out or posed through letterboxes is still the most effective way of getting your business in front of your target market.

How Do Contractors Find Jobs To Bid

Very often with commercial developments, the client invites contractors to bid, so it is vital to build relationships with the sort of clients – local authorities, for example, with whom you would like to work.

Contact them, let them know what your company can offer them – again, provide examples of previous commercial developments you’ve completed and ask to be put on their tender list.

There are also bidding websites which advertise tenders that are up for grabs, so check them out and register with those that best apply to you.

Bidding for commercial work is different, though, to bidding for domestic business.

You can’t just supply a quote for the work. You will need to visit the site, understand its scope and identify your costs, hidden costs and your profit margin.

It is a lengthy process but the devil is in the detail you provide at the tender stage, if you want to lay a strong foundation for both the project and your business.


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