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Using Social Media To Market Your Construction Company

Social media marketing for construction companies is a valuable tool when it comes to raising awareness of who you are what you do, how and where you do it.

However, the best social media platforms for construction companies aren’t necessarily the most well-known ones.

The platform you use depends very much on your business and how much time and energy you are able – or prepared – to spend engaging with it.

This is because social media is instant. That’s part of its appeal, but it can also be a drawback. Because, unlike traditional printed materials - such as flyers and leaflets, which are tangible objects that can be referred to again and again – one social media post is quickly superseded by another.

So, your first step is to decide how committed you can be to making regular posts on different platforms.

Think of social media and the platforms that spring to mind are the giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Of these, Facebook is possibly most appropriate for construction companies.

Facebook Post Ideas For Construction Company

One of the advantages of Facebook is that it has a slightly older demographic and, if you are targeting the domestic market, this is no bad thing.

After all, older homeowners not only make up a growing proportion of the population but are likely to have the funds necessary to undertake home improvements and often favour period properties which require updating or maintaining.

While cost is inevitably a big consideration for very customers, quality, when it comes to construction, is crucial.

Too many stories of cowboy builders have made buyers wary, so your posts must show you provide value for money, superb quality and, most importantly, you are an established company – you are not going to disappear overnight if something goes wrong.

Post high quality images of your work, list your qualifications and provide glowing references from satisfied customers. Do not post ‘funny’ snaps of your builders messing about or sitting with their feet up drinking tea.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and only post comments or images that show you and your company in a positive light.

It is also worth pointing out that businesses in some sectors are doing away with websites and relying solely on Facebook. This isn’t wise.

For a start, not everyone is on Facebook and, secondly, a Facebook page doesn’t convey a sense of establishment and permanence in the way a website does.

When it comes to general social media post ideas for a construction company, the same rules apply.

Keep it professional and use the platform to really showcase the quality of your work.

Instagram is a good site to showcase images, but a good source of free advertising is local community forms.

By their nature these enable you to raise your profile within a specific geographical area but remember they are a two-way street and if you provide bad service or are unreliable then unsatisfied customers will say so.


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