Did you know about these five product options from Where The Trade Buys?

Here are five product ranges that Where The Trade Buys offer that you may not know about. Don't leave print work on the table, learn more today...

Do your clients really know all your products and services?
Here’s an interesting exercise for you. Contact your top five clients. Ask them if there are any other services or products that they would like you to offer. Chances are they will come back with a list of things that you already provide. They just didn’t know about them. It may be that you are leaving work on the table because people don’t know what you can do.

It turns out that we have been just as guilty of this at Where The Trade Buys. Recently, we held events for our loyal Rockstar  customers. When we had a question and answer session they had lots of ideas for products that they wanted to buy from us. It turned out that we produced nearly all of them already: they just didn’t know about them!

When we showed them around our production facilities in London and Sunderland, everyone was extremely impressed with the range of products that we could produce. So we thought we ought to tell a few more people about some of the things that we can produce that aren’t on our instant pricing matrix.

Here are five production opportunities that Where The Trade Buys offer that you may not know about...

1. Foiling
We can add foil to any product of A4 or under that is printed on a paper-based substrate.

2. Motion Cutting
For any paper product, we can create a custom laser cut. This can be far more intricate than a traditional die cut. It can also be personalised. Find out more here

3. Spot UV
Most people know that we can produce personalised varnishes with our Scodix. But did you know we can carry out traditional uv as well if you require?

4. Embossing
Again, Scodix is a great way to create a custom embossed effect. But if you want to do this without a varnish then we are happy to carry out embossing for you as well.

5. Layflat Books
We offer a large range of printed photo products. One of the most useful is layflat books. These books allow you to create a totally flat double page spread. It’s not only great for photographic products: it is also very useful as a product brochure, a specification brochure or for architectural or similar companies.

So, if they are not on the product pages, how do you actually get a price for these options?
Sadly, we just can’t put every single option on our instant pricing matrix. It wouldn’t be user-friendly. Also, our servers would probably have a meltdown! But, below every price that is calculated for you, there is a button where you can request a custom quote. It’s at the bottom right of each page. This takes you through to a page where you can create a custom print specification.

We have recently introduced a dedicated team to manage bespoke quotes, both for quotes and at the production stage. This team will get working on your custom quote request as soon as they receive it. We aim to have all quotes back within four hours: and we are often quicker.

Getting something out of the ordinary couldn’t be easier
Why not try it out? We have one little request for you as well: now you know what we do make sure your clients know as well. 

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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