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A Tutorial In Tutoring

For many years, tutoring was the preserve of wealthy parents who were keen to source the finest one-to-one tuition for their children, many of whom were either privately educated or home-schooled.

However, the upheaval to mainstream education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a surge of demand from parents of all incomes, desperate to ensure the closure of schools during lockdown didn’t have a lasting effect on their children’s academic progress.

So, the demand for tutors – in everything from core curriculum subjects such as mathematics and English to musical instruments and non-curriculum languages – has never been greater.

But how do you advertise yourself as a tutor, and where is the best place to advertise tutoring services?

Getting started

As with any business, you need to be clear about the service you offer and decide who you are offering it to. So, if you teach English, for example, do you teach language, literature or both? And at what level?

Only then can you ensure you target the appropriate market and successfully manage the expectations of your pupils. If you intend to teach school-age children as opposed to adult learners, then your target market is not the child but the parent, as they will decide whether to employ you and will pay your fees.

Most responsible parents will want to vet a potential tutor, so you need a website – or, at the very least, a Facebook page – that outlines the service you offer, your background and qualifications, and (ideally) includes some testimonials from satisfied customers.

You should make clear where lessons will take place, the cost, and also provide details of current DBS checks.

At the same time, consider the value of some printed materials that can help advertise your services. Flyers and leaflet printing can be essential in promoting your business.

Find out where your potential client base can pick up information about you – perhaps in a community centre, an after-school club, or even your local post office.

Most people would be more than happy to let you leave some flyers or leaflets – or you could even think about a paid insertion in a local magazine or newspaper that targets your particular audience.

So, having laid out your stall so to speak, you can’t just wait for clients to come to you – you also need to go out and drum up business.

How to advertise yourself as a tutor

The best way to find out how to advertise tutoring is often from other tutors, so join an agency and check out local online community forums. This is a great way of not only making contact with other tutors but also seeing what they charge and checking your rates are comparable.

It can often lead to business as parents will regularly ask their child’s tutor if they can recommend a tutor in a different subject – or you could team up with other tutors to share the cost of your flyer, leaflet, and brochure printing and offer a complete service.

Make sure your name and contact details are included in local listings and be sure to use social media to let people know who you are and what you teach.

If you can encourage satisfied customers to provide feedback and testimonials to add to your website or leaflets, then this third-party endorsement is a great way of drumming up new customers.

And finally, don’t forget to contact local schools.

Remember, your service isn’t in competition with theirs – it can supplement theirs and schools are often happy for children to gain out-of-hours tuition if it helps towards their published exam results.


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