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How To Promote Your University

They say that knowledge is power and, when it comes to marketing universities, that has never been truer.

Like any other commercial business, universities need to fight for their share of the market and use every tool available to raise general awareness of their courses, attract students, and enhance their reputation.

So, do universities use marketing? Absolutely. But where do you begin? How do you market a university and how do you promote a degree, for example?

Start with identifying what you are selling, such as your courses, your pastoral care, your accommodation, or your location.

It is worth creating a brochure at this point. Not only will the act of brochure printing crystallise your thinking, but the copy you write and the images you take will then inform a full range of marketing activities.

Your courses should be the main incentive in attracting students to your institution, so use direct mail, email marketing, and social media to let prospective students and heads of sixth form schools and colleges know why they stand out.

Along with details of the course structure and content, include profiles about department chairs and professors and ask current students and alumni to provide quotes. After all, recommendations are one of the best forms of advertising.

How do I attract more students to my university?

Students choose universities for several reasons and recommendation from teachers or friends is one of the main reasons.

The major educational influence on a sixth form student is their teacher or head of department at school, so building a relationship with sixth form colleges and schools is crucial.

You can do this in several ways – visit them or invite them to visit you by holding a special open day just for educators (complete with informative outdoor banners), then make sure you build on that initial contact.

By their very nature, universities are multi-faceted, and you cannot expect teachers to remember everything they have seen or that you have told them about your courses, accommodation, strengths, links with potential employers, and so forth.

That’s why it is important to have a clear and concise body of printed material and information they can take away with them, read, digest, and refer back to. That information must be current and updated every year.

How to advertise a university to students

Along with your printed material, one of the main access points for information will be your website, so make sure you invest in it.

It needs to be up to date with current information and it should cater not only to students but to the people who will influence then – namely, their teachers and their parents.

Make it as straightforward to navigate as possible and ensure it is mobile accessible. Most of us access websites via mobile phones or tablets nowadays, so your website creator must ensure the site is compatible.

Finally, don’t forget the pulling power of freebies. If you’re representing your university at a careers fair or perhaps using social media to attract potential students, it’s absolutely worth investing in branded drawstring bags, pens, printed mugs, flash drives, or ID holders to give away … after all, who doesn’t love a little free swag?


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