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How To Make Your Estate Agent’s Direct Mail Campaign Stand Out In The Post

Although digital marketing has become increasingly important in any campaign, offline marketing is something that you always need to focus on. Especially if you’re an estate agents that aspires to develop a relationship with local residents and businesses alike. But remember, people receive many letters through the mail from various businesses, so how can you make sure your campaign stands out? Read on as we give you our top tips and tricks.


1. Deciding on your target market.
2. Writing the content.
3. Getting the design right.

Deciding on your target market

Before you begin your direct mail campaign, you need to decide on who you’re sending it to. This depends on the size of your business, the location of your branches and the campaign results that you’re pushing for.

If you’re new to the area and want to increase brand awareness, you will probably segment your audience by location. However, if you’re pushing a specific service such as your student lettings service, you will want to segment your audience by both location and age too.

This is an important exercise to do before you begin your offline campaign as it can save you valuable time and resources. You don’t want to spend money on print materials if they aren’t going to be relevant to a certain group of people. The audience that you’re sending your mail to determines the design of the campaign too.

Consider testing out your direct mail campaign with a focus group of your target audience. They can give you advice on what to improve. Alternatively, give them a few different designs to choose from and allow them to pick their favourite. This approach can again save you money on wasted resources.

Writing the content

You want your direct mail campaign to send a message, and the right words will certainly help with that.

When it comes to the content, you want it to be long enough to get your message across but short enough so that people can quickly read it as they pick it up. You might consider putting your main points in a bullet-pointed list and spotlight what you’re trying to say.

Consult the brand guidelines you created when first setting up your estate agents for tone of voice. Often buying and renting property can be overwhelming so try to stick with simple statements and understandable terms to get your message across.

Whatever tone of voice you decide to take, you probably still want to come across quite formal. You need to be seen as a company that is trustworthy and reliable – authoritative content can help achieve this.

Getting the design right

Consistency is key throughout your brand so try using a similar design to what’s on your website and in other marketing materials.

Use the same font that you use elsewhere and make sure to include your logo. When it comes to colours, there’s no denying that a coloured leaflet will attract more attention than a black and white one. Refer back to your brand guidelines and ensure that it’s all in line with your brand image.

Professional images are also important, especially if you’re including some of your featured properties for example. Make sure that you use high quality printing methods to make your leaflets stand out from the rest.


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