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Top 5 Printed Products For Estate Agents

Estate agents across the UK are facing a transformation like never before, with consumer habits changing the way many operate. In the past, we would rely on word-of-mouth and eye-catching signs on the lawn to know that a property was on the market, but now, the world is our oyster.

Those who are looking for property are taking their searches online. Estate agent websites offer instant visibility on a specific site — including street views, home video tours and the information all buyers need to know. But buying your own home isn’t an experience that can be kept online, as it’s a traditional customer journey that is reserved for the offline space and it’s important that estate agents recognise this.

Where The Trade Buys has collated a list of products that we know will help you grow your estate agent business:

Estate Agent Boards

No estate agents is complete without For Sale and Sold signs. When a property owner approaches your firm to help them sell their home or commercial premises, it’s important that you have these products on hand to distribute to the site as soon as possible.

Once positioned outside of the property, your estate agent business will be able to attract as much attention as possible, from those walking by on foot or driving past — which could possibly result in a sale. Not only is this a benefit for the property owner, but it will also increase awareness for your brand if designed effectively.

When it comes to how you want your board to look, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to opt for single or double sided. For maximum exposure, pick double sided. Refer to your brand guidelines, which we discussed when you start building your brand. If you want to stand out whatever the weather, we recommend going bright and bold!

Greeting Cards

If you want to stand out from other estate agents in your area, you should look at ordering greeting cards. By handing these out to your clients when they’ve bought or sold a property, you provide a personal touch that they will find hard to forget. This has the potential to increase retention for when your client wants to put their property back on the market (or buy another), and lead to more recommendations from customers you have previously worked with.

Using greeting cards, you’re showing your customers that you care about their journey and are thankful that they chose your business to work with. These greeting cards could include “You’re in!” for when someone receives the keys to their property and “Congratulations On Selling!” for when your client has officially sold.

When it comes to designing them, you want to make sure that you’re using colours and fonts that are associated with your brand. You should think about creating a hashtag that can be used on the card and relates to your business, as people will feel inclined to share their gift on social media!

Saddle Stitched Booklets

For most people, buying a property is a big investment and can often be stressful. As an estate agent, it’s your duty to make the experience as enjoyable as possible — and this is something that can be achieved by ordering saddle stitched booklets.

These brochures are perfect when it comes to pushing sales for either commercial or residential properties, as they include all of the information a potential buyer needs to know, and high-quality imagery of the site. However, estate agents aren’t limited with how many property’s they include either, which means you’re giving buyers more options and generating maximum exposure for the property owners you’re representing.

Saddle stitched booklets are made from the finest material too, which assures your customers that you’re professional to work with. The sleek, stylish design can include laminating silk stock which is mark-resistant. Just remember that when it comes to the design, it’s all about visuals of the property and informative copy!

Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are extremely important for estate agent businesses in 2019, especially if you’re looking to make the instore experience more valuable than the online alternative. We all know that when we book appointments online, we’ll receive a confirmation email straight to our inbox — but how often do we forget, disassociate it with the brand, or delete it entirely?

Having appointment cards on the desks of your staff is essential when it comes to building relationships with customers in-store, offering that much-needed personal touch that can’t be achieved online.

When it comes to the design, they are made to fit into a wallet or purse. This means that customers will always be reminded of your brand as each card should include your company logo and contact details, along with written details of when they booked their appointment to view a property!

Outdoor Banners

Have a unique selling point that you should be shouting about? Well, outdoor banners are your best bet to make your voice heard and drown out the competition. Whether you’re offering low commission rates in comparison to other businesses in the area or offer free property valuations, your prospective customers need to know.

The success of outdoor banners is all down to strategic placements, and you’re not limited with where you put them either. Think about the most popular area in your town and position them there for everyone to see — will this be a city centre or near a busy main road?

It’s crucial for your design to stand out, so make sure you use bold colours to attract every passer-by! As well as this, you should include as little copy possible to ensure that you’re driving one core message for your next batch of customers.

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