Five tips to make your brochure stand out from the crowd

Where The Trade Buys provide advice  to increase customer perception of the value of your business. Our simple print tricks will elevate your brochure from ordinary to something special!

How do you persuade people to value you and your services?

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a brochure. By giving your prospects and customers a brochure you are immediately increasing their perception of the value of your business. Many people give out free e-mails, cheap flyers or a simple web link. 

A brochure says that you are worth more than this. It says that your products and services are worthy of the investment of writing, photography, design and print. It also tells prospects and customers that you value them enough to present information to them in this way.

Unfortunately, many brochures fail

Some brochures end up devaluing your business. You end up looking cheap in the eyes of your audience. This is because your brochure has been produced on the cheap: they end up looking like the supermarket discount leaflets that are posted through our doors.

Even a standard brochure can end up looking a bit like everyone else’s. It doesn’t necessarily give the right idea of value because you do not stand out from the crowd.

But brochures don’t have to be expensive to succeed

Your audience will value a brochure if it stands out from the crowd. Achieving this does not have to cost large amounts of money. There are a few simple print tricks that can elevate your brochure from ordinary to something special. Here are five ways to make your brochure the one that people want to keep and to read. If you want to price these ideas up you can do so in seconds by simply heading over to our Brochures section.

1. Make your brochure relevant

Many companies believe that to make a brochure cost effective you have to print a large quantity. This means they end up with a lot of out of date brochures that give a bad impression to customers. These days, printing small quantities can be very cost effective. It is far better to print a few brochures at a time and then check and update your copy before ordering the next batch. 

2. Change the size

All brochures are A4 or A5, right? Wrong! You can have any size you want for a brochure. Consider making your brochure an unusual size like 210mm square. Or create your very own custom size to make the brochure more bespoke. Many different sizes cost no more than a standard size. All of the Where The Trade Buys pricing tools allow you to add in a custom size. 

3. Create a tactile cover

Where The Trade Buys uses Scodix technology to create a raised surface on the cover wherever you want. Studies have shown that people engage far more with a tactile surface. It’s also a fun way to add, for instance, your company logo over the cover artwork. Simply add the Scodix option under the additional cover finishing tab.

4. Use luxury paper

Many brochures suffer from feeling too flimsy. This can be a real problem if your brochure consists of just a few pages. Consider upgrading to an uncoated stock. This is thicker than a standard stock and will make your brochure feel slightly sturdier. In addition this has a matt surface that can give a luxurious, understated feel to a brochure. Or consider using some special papers with a different surface, colour or finish. Where The Trade Buys has a range of different options under the cover and inner stock tabs. Or you can use a bespoke quote to ask for a specific paper option.

5. Create a hard back brochure

Customers feel extremely valued if they are given a hard back brochure. And creating a case bound brochure need not be as expensive as many people think. You can create a case bound brochure for under £3.50 a copy. Find out more on our Casebound Books product page.

How on earth do you write enough copy to fill a brochure?

Some companies are put off producing brochures because they don’t think they have enough to say about themselves. But often these companies are busy on social media. So the answer is simple: add your social media content to your brochure. It’s a great way to get this content out to a whole new audience.

Producing a brochure doesn’t have to be a lengthy process 

At Where The Trade Buys we can produce a brochure for you extremely quickly. For some formats if you send us the artwork by 11am we print and dispatch it that same day. 

Check out our different brochure options right now...


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