Floor graphics are under-rated: here’s why...

Floor graphics are an extremely under-rated promotional tool. Here are our top tips to make sure you achieve the right marketing results...

Do you remember the subliminal messaging in cinema adverts?

There was a certain orange drink that snuck in a picture of the sun every few frames in their cinema adverts. This meant that viewers did not register these pictures. The picture of the sun made viewers thirsty, even though they did not realize that they were being shown these pictures. So they went out after the advert break and bought the drink.

Naturally, this sort of manipulation is highly illegal and the adverts were discovered and withdrawn. But you have the option to guide your customers in similar ways. The solution to achieving this is floor graphics. And, unlike hidden frames in cinema adverts, these are totally legitimate to use.

What are floor graphics?

Floor graphics are custom printed stickers that you can attach to floor areas on a temporary basis. They can be supplied square or cut to any shape, such as a circle or an arrow. They are printed on flexible material that can be rolled up and is easy to deliver. At Where The Trade Buys we use an anti-slip material for all our floor stickers to prevent any accidents.

So how do you use them to guide people? Here are three ways:

Use floor graphics to create a feel-good factor

It is really nice if visitors receive a cheery welcome at an event or in a venue. The trouble is that this is generally not possible on a human level: it is just too costly. But a floor graphic shows that you care. And you can change the welcome easily according to the season, or to match particular events. Have a goodbye floor graphic as well.

Use floor graphics to guide people

Human beings can be annoying. They often do not walk where you want them too! Floor graphics are a useful way to encourage them to walk around your site in exactly the way that you want them too. This can be quickly and easily achieved by using simple arrow graphics. But it is even better to tell them what’s coming next. Use the floor graphic to tell them why they should walk in a particular direction.

Use floor graphics to promote special offers

People look in all sorts of directions. That is why you should highlight a special offer in every possible place. That includes the floor. So create floor stickers that tell your customers what’s on offer at the moment. Remember, these are temporary stickers: it is easy to change and update what you are promoting.

Here are three tips to make sure that you achieve the right results by using floor stickers

Firstly, keep them simple. This is not the place for hugely complicated graphics, involved shapes or for your designer to show off. This is where you want to get your message across quickly and simply. That means you should also make any instructions very clear. For instance “Follow the arrow” or “Turn right now”. Finally, keep words to a minimum. People are walking over your graphics: they need to be able to read them quickly. Instead of including every detail of a special offer simple say something like “20% off XYZ. Third shelf down on the right”.

If you keep to these rules then you have a much better chance of getting your customers and visitors to do what you want.

Remember, floor stickers only take a couple of days for us to produce

They can cost less than £4 each. So it really is time to start thinking about messaging your visitors and customers. And there’s no need to get caught out by being subliminal!

Check out our floor graphic range here. 

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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