Four practical ways to make flyers more noticeable

Often overlooked, the humble flyer is still an important way to communicate your message effectively. Where The Trade Buys provide practical ways to make your flyers more noticeable...

We often talk about the humble flyer
The flyer is frequently overlooked these days. Many people want to do something new. They are searching for an innovative way to get their message out. Something they feel stands out.

The flyer is often seen as a bit dull and boring. Everyone has done flyers. They can be seen as an old-fashioned form of marketing. Too often, the flyer is forgotten,

We should remember that the flyer is still a really important way to communicate a message. It is still very effective. That’s why we still see so many flyers. They are a highly effective tool for:

- Door drops
- Leafleting campaigns
- Event handouts
- Retail information

We should also remember that the flyer is highly cost-effective. You can purchase flyers from just £16.97, including VAT. The unit price can be as low as 0.6p per unit.

Having said that, there are a lot of flyers around. (We should know: we print millions of them!) If you want to have flyer success it is important to make them stand out from other peoples’. So here are four ways to make your flyers stand out:

1) Make your design stand out
Be careful how you design your flyer. Big bright blocks of colour make a much more forceful first impression that the large amounts of black text that many flyers feature. Feature big and bold illustrations as well.

2) Use different versions
An alternative design, headline or offer can make a big difference to how your flyer performs. The trouble is that it can be hard to know which one will perform the best. So consider creating different versions of your leaflet to make sure that you can test which versions work best.  All of our flyers have an option that allows you to create a number of versions in an order: this is a lot cheaper than creating four different orders. You can also create multiple versions with slightly different messages to be used in alternative areas or at separate events.

3) Number them
Numbering is another way to make your flyers feel special. Effectively, they become part of a limited set of flyers. This can add perceived value to special offers that now seem limited. In addition, it is well worth asking people to quote the number on a flyer when ordering. You can state that they will only receive a special price or offer if they state the number. Keep a record of which numbers are used for each event, street delivery or retail point. You can then see where you are getting the most return on your flyer activity.

4) Use flyer dispensers
A stack of flyers left on a flat surface does not always achieve the best effect. It can be hard for people to notice them unless they are right by the flyers. Consider using a printed dispenser unit instead. These show the flyers in an upright position and make them stand out.

Make your flyer special!
It takes seconds to create a price for your flyer using our instant pricing calculator. So you can compare the prices for a whole range of options in just a few minutes. It is easy to decide which of the special options are right for you and to make sure that your flyer will be appealing to your audience. To make things even more attractive we give you 20% of the value of your first order (up to £100) with us. 

Make sure that no-one can call your flyer humble.


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