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DIY Wedding Ideas for Creative Couples

Latest statistics from show that the average cost for a wedding in 2021 was £17,300 - and that’s before you add on extras such as a stag or hen do and a honeymoon. It makes sense then that even the most well-heeled couples will be looking at ways of making savings and considering some DIY wedding ideas that can keep the budget to a manageable level.

The good news is that a DIY wedding can actually be far more memorable, fun and exciting than one where no expense has been spared. It gives those planning to tie the knot the opportunity to show off their creative prowess and come up with ideas that are absolutely unique.

The DIY wedding essentials

There are undoubtedly wedding essentials where it’s hard to compromise on cost but thankfully there are equally as many areas where you can cut out the middleman and take hold of the process yourself – which is likely to save you masses of your hard-earned cash.

Once you’ve picked a venue (and here you can also think outside of the box – how about a festival type wedding in field or a barn that you can dress) and selected the date, then it’s all about letting people know.

DIY wedding invitations are relatively easy to create and you can still have that personal touch. Match them with your overall colour scheme and the theme – are you a traditional couple or quirky? That should help you nail down what you’re looking for and you can keep looking until you find the template that works for you.

Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme/style/theme that can run throughout all of your wedding printing – from the save the day card right through to your menu, table plan and even the post-event thank you cards.

How can I decorate my own wedding?

The answer – is fairly easily with a bit of planning, time and imagination. Again, how you decorate it down to the kind of theme you’re considering for your special day.

There are lots of great option for DIY wedding decorations. If you want to have a rural or almost Mediterranean feel to your tables, why not fill jam jars with wild flowers? It will save a fortune and will look beautiful. Add in a few tealights – either real ones if your venue will let you or battery-operated ones – and you can create a really special ambiance at a fraction of the price of more formal flowers.

Fake flowers are often much cheaper than fresh so again, consider these for your table decorations. If your really committed to real blooms, then why not just buy them in bulk and arrange them yourself? Again, this will cut down massively on florist costs.

Think about buying off cuts of fabric that you can use as table mats or even runners, in the colour of your theme. Buy some artificial foliage and you can turn this into napkin holders – just let your creativity run wild.

Use banners to decorate your venue or use A-board frames to detail the agenda of the day.

DIY wedding favours

One of the important considerations of the day is the little gifts you leave on the table for your guests – so why not create your own DIY wedding favours?

You can go traditional and buy a catering pack of sugared almonds, some net and bag them up yourself – and why not tie them with a bespoke gift tag?

If you don’t want to go down that route, then you could look at everything from a small box of homemade brownies to a tiny bottle of a favourite drink for everyone to enjoy – think about something that is relevant and personal to you and create accordingly.

Photobooths are now a very popular extra at a wedding, but again can be prohibitive if you’re trying to keep the costs down.In which case why not create a DIY wedding photo booth. You can designate a section of your venue for photos and create your own backdrop – it can be as simple as a pop-up banner that’s printed with the date, the time and the couple’s names.

Or if you’re planning to push the boat out, why not invest in a low-cost selfie frame, again with all the wedding info on? Invest in a few props for people to use – they can cost pennies but add a really fun element to the photo opportunity.

So how else can you personalise your DIY photobooth for a wedding? You could create a backdrop made of photographs or images from the couple’s past or any special occasion.

And don’t forget to ask your guests to share their image with you because they can then be used to create your very own photobook of the day as a lasting reminder – again cutting down on the price of paying for a photographer’s expensive album.

You want everyone to know it’s your special day so why not consider a DIY wedding sign or two? Again you could use a favourite picture and have it blown up or even create your signage to direct guests to where the various activities are taking place – from your sweet station to the car park.

DIY wedding signs are yet another way to highlight your creative skills, with the added benefit of being quite useful too!

Of course the overall reason for taking so many activities on yourself is to allow you to have the wedding day of your dreams, but without putting you in debt for the foreseeable future.

When you’ve put in all the hours you’ll be asking yourself, is a DIY wedding cheaper? The answer is a resounding yes. It may require some extra legwork but you can still have the special day you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

When it comes to a DIY wedding, then make sure you absolutely say “I do”!


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