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Five custom gift ideas that everyone will love

When it comes to the question, do people prefer personalised gifts? It’s a no-brainer – of course they do!

And who could blame them? It’s the perfect solution for creating the feel-good factor, showing people that you’ve taken the time and trouble to create something special for them.

What items can be personalised?

At WTTB, we specialise in customisation, so the world is your oyster when it comes to personalisation. From small and mighty products like mugs, notepads, books and other office supplies, to the big hitting personalised items like outdoor banners and posters, almost everything you can think of can be personalised!

What can you do with photos as a gift?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to photos as gifts! At WTTB, we can put your image on pretty much all of our printed products. Read below to find out our favourite five, or check out our full range online!

What occasions are suited to give personalised photo gifts?

Whether you’re buying a personalised gift for a friend, family member, colleague or client, there are many occasions suited for this type of gift. Birthdays and other milestone events are the first that spring to mind, but personalised gifts also work well to celebrate a win together, finding out good news such as pregnancy, engagement or new business win!

It doesn’t matter if its personalised gifts for clients or something like photo gifts for friends, the truth of the matter is that taking the time and trouble to make something unique, original and that has real meaning is always worth the effort. Below are our favourite customised product ideas that we can help you create at WTTB:

1. Customised mugs

In the UK we love nothing more than a cuppa, so a mug is probably going to be a well-received gift – particularly one you can personalise.

For friends or family, why not customise a mug with photos from moments shared together. For clients or potential clients, you could personalise a mug with your company logo alongside a greetings message. After all, if they have at their desk a mug with your company details on it, it’s highly unlikely they’re going to forget you in a hurry! Why not also create personal coasters to complete the set?

2. Personalised photo gifts

A popular product is personalised photo gifts which is a brilliant way to preserve memories forever of a special occasion or even as a lasting reminder to your customers of a corporate event.

Photo gifts are also a great way to share your wedding day with close family and friends – after all, what’s better than providing them with their very own album of your favourite snaps

Personalised items also make sounds business sense as it’s a way to keep your details to the forefront. Giveaways such as mousemats are the kind of everyday item that virtually everyone needs so sending them out to clients will not only be appreciated but will ensure you’re in front of them at all times.

3. Photograph prints

There are so many occasions where a personalised item can make a real impact. How about photograph gifts for someone close to you?

You could use a much-loved image and turn it into your very own work of art for example! Parents and grandparents would undoubtedly love the image of their children and grandchildren in a format that can hang on their walls – a constant reminder of those closest to them.

This is even more important if there’s a distance between you and it will certainly help fill that emotional gap until you can meet in person.

4. Customised gift wrap

There’s nothing better than a unique unboxing experience and customisable gift wrap is a way to provide just that for friends, family, clients or colleagues. Whether you want to wrap a product in paper adorned with your business logo, or want to turn a small gift for a friend or family member into something more unique using photographs, our customisable wrapping paper provides a little bit of fun and flare to any gift. All you need to do is upload your artwork at the checkout and go from there!

5. Customised office supplies

Whether buying for a friend starting a new job or treating a new employee to some personalised gifts, our office supplies collection is a great way to brighten up somebody’s office desk! From premium stationery to notepads, wall calendars to deskpads, office gifts are a wonderful present for those who nothing more than unique stationery and organisation!

How do you personalise things?

So now you’ve realised the benefits of personalised products, the burning question is – how do you personalise things? The answer is, thankfully, very easily!

Firstly, decide on what you want to personalise and its purpose. Is it to win you more business, is it as a thank you, is it as a reminder of a special occasion, it is as special gift for someone you love?

Once you’ve made that decision then start to think about what you want to personalise.

If it’s a promotional item as a thank you for clients or to give out at a networking event, then you need to consider something that’s got a decent shelf life. It could be the mug or mouse mat as we’ve previously mentioned or it might even be a book full of pictures of previous projects, highlighting what you can offer.

It might even be your very own advent calendar, guaranteeing no customer is ever going to forget you for the whole month of December – and beyond!

If the item is for family and friends, then again what you decide to personalise is probably down to the occasion. It could be a birthday gift for a landmark age where you’ve brought together images from across the years in a beautiful photo book.

It doesn’t matter who the recipient is, they will not only appreciate the thoughtfulness and the time and effort you’ve made but you may be surprised to find it’s actually fun to do!

There’ll be a huge sense of satisfaction when the finished product lands at your door (or at the door of the colleague/client/family member/friend) and take it from us, it will be worth every precious minute you’ve spent.


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