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How to Celebrate Pride Month in Schools & Workplaces

Being part of Pride is not just about your sexual orientation, it’s about showing your allegiance and support and there are many ways to do this.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is what can I do for Pride? And the answer is – lots of things! When it comes to how to celebrate Pride, we recommend you start by popping on your thinking cap!

What is the History of Pride Month?

In 1969 in a tiny gay bar called the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York, an event happened which had repercussions right up to this very day.

The Police raided the pub, leading to riots by the members of the LGBQT+ community who had finally had enough of discrimination and persecution.

It was a watershed moment – and one which led later that year to a proposal for the very first Pride march.

Since that time, the Pride movement has spread across the world, with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies coming together in a celebration – but also ensuring that the serious messages and issues they face are never forgotten.

How to Celebrate Pride

It can be as simple as displaying a rainbow flag, putting up a poster or creating a selfie frame – there’s numerous ways that you can show your support for this great cause.

You may be unsure just how to celebrate Pride month particularly if it’s something you’re getting involved with for the first time. Check out the Pride events in your local area – although Pride Month is technically in June, the events stretch way into July in some cases.

It may be worth asking if there are some events you can get involved with or help promote. Most Pride events are run by volunteers so support is always welcome!

How to Celebrate Pride Month at Work

If you’re considering how to celebrate Pride month at work, there are all sorts of fun ideas and incentives to choose from.

Thankfully these days most employers embrace the diversity of their workforce and so thinking of how to celebrate pride in the workplace should meet with a positive response.

Posters and banners are a really easy and cost effective way to show your support and can help brighten the whole look of your office.

How about an office selfie frame in the Pride colours and with your company logo on? A great option for sharing your support via social media. Of course you may also want to consider a collection, a raffle or fund raising activity for your local Pride – which will always go down well!

You may want to go one step further and really get into the party spirit. So how do we celebrate Pride in the workplace?

You may decide to go all out with your very own Pride party, dressing up in rainbow costumes, booking a face painter, hanging lots of decorations.

You should however also bear in mind that Pride is also very much about education, so it may also be worth printing some flyers and leaflets to share with your staff the thinking behind the event and the struggles that many of the LGBTQ+ community are still dealing with.

How to Celebrate Pride Month at Work Virtually

The world of work has changed massively in recent years, which means hosting a celebration with workplace colleagues is not as easy as it once was.

If you are now part of a hybrid workplace then it raises the whole issue of how to celebrate pride month at work virtually.

The good news is with a bit of imagination and inventiveness it’s fairly easy to do and it comes with the added bonus of being a real team building exercise.

Why not create some Pride merchandise that you can share with your colleagues – for example a mug in rainbow flag colours or even a multi coloured mouse mat.

Then why not have a virtual meeting where you can all raise your new mugs in solidarity – and even enjoy a rainbow cupcake or two if there’s a baker among you – or even if there isn’t!

You could be ahead of the game and create your own Happy Pride greetings card and send it out to all of your customers and colleagues, while also letting them know you’re making a donation to Pride. It’s a great way to build customer loyalty and create the image of a caring, responsible organisation.

How to Celebrate Pride Month Virtually

It’s not only people who are working from home wondering how to celebrate Pride month virtually, those who can’t attend organised Pride events in person may look to join in the celebrations virtually.

Again, some personalised merchandise can help them feel part of the occasion – how about making some noise with your very own Pride handclapper? Even if you’re not part of the huge crowd, it makes you very hard to ignore.

It may be something that as a company you’d like to create and offer to attendees or those that are homebound – a great way to be seen as an LGBTQ+ ally.

How to Celebrate Pride Month at School

Over the years many young people have had to struggle in silence with their sexuality and identity, but thankfully now schools are much more enlightened and are there to support their students.

This is why many educational establishments will be looking at how to celebrate Pride month at school showing their pupils that they have the support of their school environment and helping them with any worries or concerns they have.

Promoting Pride to young people is an important enterprise – not just for the LGBTQ+ community. Understanding helps to promote the spirit of acceptance and awareness and schools are recognising the importance of doing this.

Along with producing materials to showcase Pride events, schools could also work with their local Pride on an educational programme or even produce leaflets or flyers with information on who their pupils can contact on a range of subjects.

Schools could also host their own Pride day, dressing classrooms with rainbow flags and posters, handing out information flyers or brochures and also creating a sense of fun with the all-important branded selfie frame or fun giveaways.

Pride is all about highlighting the need for recognition and compassion, of moving forward but never forgetting what has gone before. For businesses and schools, it’s an opportunity to show your true colours – let’s hope they’re rainbow ones!


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