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Ideas for creating lasting family memories

Picture this. If your house was on fire (don’t panic: all people and pets are safe in this scenario) what would be the first item you grabbed to save from the flames? The single common denominator, the one reply almost everyone gives – no matter rich or poor, no matter which part of the world we hail from - is, of course, “family photographs” … those irreplaceable memories mean more than money and far, far outweigh the cost of any other material possessions.

All those portraits of parents, grandparents, lifelong friends, siblings, proud graduation shots, newborn babies, weddings, long-past holidays, old Christmas trees and how they were decorated - or simply adorable photos of grown pets, now grey, showing us that once they were puppies or kittens.

Such family memories are the very fabric of our being, of who and what we are, where we came from, who we loved and were loved by. Priceless. Memory books, treasured family albums, even single old sepia faded shots tucked away in a shoe box … they’re us as at our very best, who we were and who we tried to be.

Celebrate the Jubilee weekend with family

This summer the whole of Britain will be marking Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne with her royal Jubilee celebrations. Musical concerts, parades, street parties, feasts, balls & open-air events for kids are all planned to mark the royal occasion.

As well as being an iconic day for royal families it will, of course, be a milestone event, a beloved shared memory for millions of British families up and down the land. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get together as a family and celebrate the Jubilee over the long bank holiday weekend (officially from 2 to 5 June 2022).

And that’s why it’s important to make sure you capture that moment forever and find ways of sharing it with your nearest and dearest.

How do we create long-lasting memories?

So, how can we make family memories last? Taking photos and printing them out may seem like an archaic task, but it’s actually a wonderful way to make memories. Holding a piece of family history in your hand is a great way to make those family memories last, so why not get personalised photo gifts made for all the family?

This is not the moment to get all minimal with your lens. Our top tip is to take as many pictures as possible so that you don’t miss a second of your special event. Professional photographers call this “bracketing” - namely not putting all of your eggs in one proverbial basket and expecting to somehow mysteriously capture that one perfect shot.

Or why not create your very own selfie frame with the date and time of your special occasion? You may remember it clear as day now but that’s not necessarily the case in years to come!

You can also experiment and play around with your choices: try colour or monotone black and white, thrown in a few surreal or quirky add ons or effects.

Get creative! But above all make sure that you reel off at least a handful of shots per image in order to get THE ONE you hoped for. The one that deserves to be framed and admired for years to come. You might even surprise yourself with the results and want to try expanding your photographic knowledge into a hobby.

And once you’ve got all of these amazing images, the next stage is to ensure they’re safe for posterity.

What is the best thing to do with family photos?

Why not create your very own photobook (good for the jubilee or any time of year) with endless options for showcasing your pictures in the very best way.

And of course, your photos don’t have to just be in a book – have them printed on a mug, a mouse mat or even a canvas print for your wall.

This Jubilee weekend will be a perfect excuse to warm up your camera (and develop those skills) and get everyone organised together, to come up with family reunion ideas and transform those penciled-in dates into solid plans moving from ideas into a definite reality - to get together with family, neighbours and friends alike to whip out their phones and cameras to capture this historic event, making memories and (inevitably) selfies by the millions, of what you, the royals and your pals did THAT weekend.

Jubilee Competition & Freebie

We’ll even go a step further and offer you the chance to win a competition for a FREE classic framed print of your family celebrating the Jubilee. It can be as funny, diverse, zany or as serious as you like … throw on some eye-catching fancy dress, adopt the most ridiculous of poses, recreate members of the royal family, or perhaps focus on the best food or decorations at many local street parties, or simply highlight the most unusual royal props used on the day … go for it! Don’t hold back. Show us how you froze history over the Jubilee Bank Holiday. The more colourful and cheesy the better.

Send us your snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #wttbjubilee or via email. We can't wait to see them!

However, you present those memories made in an instant (or spread over a weekend) we can help you beautifully preserve them for a lifetime & for the next generation to come.


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