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Local elections will soon be upon us - now is the time to organise your print collateral

Whether it’s changing the minds of floating voters or re-engaging once-loyal supporters, WTTB has the print tools at hand to help you do exactly that.

There’s never been a year when people have been more interested in politics, tied with the complete upheaval with life as we’ve always known it.

Virtually everyone has an opinion on the actions of politicians during the pandemic – from the Government to local authorities – and those opinions are likely to see people vote with their feet come 6 May.

Local elections will soon be upon us and so there’s no time like the present to organise your print collateral to ensure that every local constituent can make an informed decision.

There have been so many misconceptions and misunderstandings that it’s vital that anyone with a role in local government can make themselves clearly heard and understood.

The fastest way to drive those important messages home is on something tangible that people can hold in their hands or read at their leisure – which is why flyers are so essential.

Using online methods of communication is just not enough – it’s much harder to ignore a printed leaflet as opposed to someone simply switching off a digital promotion.

And of course, don’t underestimate the power of strategically placed banners with an eye-catching message – again very hard to miss and a great way to engage and inform your voters.

Outdoor banners to make sure people know where their local polling station is along with roller banners to give people instructions on the day – they can all be part of your WTTB packages.

And of course, there is likely to still be the need for social distancing so make sure you have your dividers, route highlighters etc in place – which can also double up as a branding/marketing tool.

It’s important to start your election campaign as soon as possible, particularly as time is limited once local government in is purdah.

Of course, getting your message out is only effective if it gets to your target audience – and once again this is something we can help with.

We can organise your leaflets to be delivered right to the door of your potential electorate or can direct mail them on your behalf.

Whether it’s changing the minds of floating voters, re-engaging the once-loyal supporters or simply reminding your constituents of your achievements on their behalf, at WTTB we have everything to hand to help you do just that.

We understand only too well the need for concise, to-the-point messaging delivered in a memorable way (after all, we do this on a daily basis).

After the challenges the last year has brought there’s never been a more important time to drive the electorate to give you their support – and remember a vote for WTTB is a vote for quality, integrity and reliability.


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