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Restaurants adapt quickly to food delivery service with the help of WTTB

Recent events left restaurant owner Antonio distraught at losing business. WTTB stepped in, providing a lifeline to help adapt his business into a home delivery service.

“Not another cancellation!”

This is the true story of a local restaurant and Emma, a member of the WTTB team. Emma had a reservation at her favourite Italian for Saturday night. Clearly, given the latest government updates, eating out was not a recommended option. But, equally understandably, Antonio, the owner of the restaurant, was distraught at losing yet more business. The very survival of his restaurant was in danger.

It was at this point that Emma gave Antonio a lifeline

Emma and her husband wanted an Italian meal. They couldn’t go to the restaurant. But could the restaurant come to them? The upshot is that Emma and her husband will still have a very special Italian meal on Saturday. And Antonio will still be selling his food. He and his team still have the chance to stay in business and employment.

Naturally, Antonio needed more than one meal for this work. He and Emma talked some more. Antonio now wants to leaflet his entire neighbourhood, offering the full restaurant experience for those who want it. He is also offering smaller, more affordable options with a longer shelf life for those who are fed up with trying to find food at supermarkets. And Emma knew just the company to help them!

We're are on a mission to help restaurants

Realistically, the only way you can keep serving right now is if you offer a takeaway or home delivery service. However, for this to work, you need the local population to know that you have changed your business model. Naturally, you can do some of this by social media. However, a large part of your market right now will be older audiences who do not use social media or would not think of using social media to find out about food. The easiest and most efficient way to contact them is by door drop leaflets.

How to create your own door drop leaflet campaign

Create a leaflet that advertises that fact that you now offer either takeaway or home delivery services. You can use our built in product templates, free design website Canva or upload your own design.

Consider offering customers money off vouchers to go with the leaflet. Or you might offer a takeaway discount. A loyalty card will help repeat business.

Have your leaflets printed. We offer a wide range of leaflets. You can even have them delivered the next working day if you want to get going quickly.

You may want to include a menu with your leaflet. We can help with menu printing too.

Task some of your waiting staff to deliver the leaflets to local streets. Make sure that they keep a safe distance from other people during delivery. Most importantly, they should be equipped with hand sanitiser for use during deliveries and instructed to wash their hands thoroughly on returning to the restaurant or home.

Consider advertising your new services with posters or temporary signage at your restaurant.

We have heard many stories recently of people wanting to help local businesses and choosing to buy from local restaurants in this way. It is a fantastic way for local communities to come together and help each other in these unprecedented times.

Once we are through the current turmoil, you may even have found new revenue streams for your business. The takeaway trade has been booming in recent years. It has grown by a staggering 73% in recent times.

The rise of coronavirus has presented unprecedented challenges to all of us, and especially the restaurant industry. We wish you success in steering your businesses through the current crisis. Most importantly, stay safe!


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