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Take the work out of administration with NCR pads

NCR Pads are a perfect and practical business tool, helping to save valuable administration time. WTTB share the benefits of including NCR printing in your office materials.

Anyone in business will remember only too well that situation where you can’t find a receipt.

It came through on your email, you stored it somewhere safe – or so you thought – and now you’re looking for it and you’ve no idea where it is.

Or a customer needs confirmation of an order you’ve delivered – as does your accounts department – while your local restaurant/coffee shop is trying to square up the orders. There are endless situations where a tangible, hard copy of a receipt or document is invaluable, both for a business and the recipient.

It can be a mammoth task searching through emails and digital accounts to find the documents you need, which could quite easily and innocently have been deleted – never to be seen again.

So it’s hard to argue about the value of a colour-coded hard copy, which can give you the information you need at a glance and is a proper record of any transactions.

At WTTB we have a selection of NCR pads (no carbon necessary), which are the perfect way to quickly duplicate a document without the need for a printer or photocopier.

The pads are available in a range of colours coupled together in sets, so you can have a top copy say in white and then the next two yellow, pink, green or blue – so you know what sheet goes where.

Your customer could get the top white copy, then your staff member can retain a – for example – blue sheet for their own records while the final page, eg yellow – goes to the office administration.

And because the paper is treated in a way that when the top sheet is written on, the imprint goes straight through to the next few sheets, there’s no time-wasting having to write the details out more than once.

It’s a quick, easy and cost-effective way to keep your business affairs in order with a proper colour-coordinated paper trail which saves administration staff valuable time.

We also have a number of options to fully personalise the pads to your specific requirements – and we don’t just mean adding your logo. With additional finishing options, you can even number pads in individual sets to make office admin even simpler.

Create the perfect solution for your business needs with our NCR pad printing service today.


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