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The Art of the Unboxing Experience: the top 10 companies who do it best

The unboxing experience is crucial for all businesses, big and small. Find out who we think does it best, and how you can get there too.

Who hasn’t enjoyed the excitement caused by that perfectly wrapped gift? The one that arrives in a stunning box, with the contents hidden between layers of bespoke branded paper and which just happens to contain an elegant card which gives you the detail of who has crafted this exquisite present just for you.

Or how about that Christmas morning joy, where you can barely wait to see what the elegantly and imaginatively wrapped present has inside?

So, whether you’re looking for gift wrap ideas or product wrapping for your business, find out why the unboxing experience is so important, and who we think is the best in the business.

What is unboxing?

Unboxing is that act of opening a package and revealing the contents inside. It’s turned into quite the phenomenon online – with bloggers and influencers sharing their best unboxing experiences on their platforms to thousands, or millions, of followers.

There’s no doubt that “unboxing” adds to the pleasure of opening a gift – or even a parcel that you’ve ordered for yourself – and it’s something that big brands understand and do particularly well.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it – science has proved that wrapping a gift absolutely enhances the whole experience.

Why is the unboxing experience important?

In 1992 Dr Daniel Howard, an American professor of marketing, published a piece of research after carrying out a number of experiments with his students on their feelings about gifts that were wrapped.*

The results of all the experiments came to the same conclusion – that “gift wrapping is a visual signal that is associated with happy events in a person’s life” and absolutely enhanced the experience for the recipient.

A study carried out in 2013 echoed these findings, showing that attractive packaging “stimulates the reward-seeking areas of the brain that are associated with impulse.”

For any sellers, the creation of that unboxing experience is a really important factor in creating a lasting memory for the buyer – which is crucial in building a long term, loyal customer base.

It also gives you the opportunity to do some subtle marketing – a small thank you card, a leaflet with a special offer or more product information – may well bring the satisfied customer back to more.

And unboxing is also a powerful marketing tool for any business, something that people often share on social media so building your customer base without you barely having to lift a finger.

You could even incorporate this into your marketing activity by contacting influencers who create unboxing videos and asking if they would like to unveil your products on camera. By using customised wrapping paper and packaging, you can make the unboxing experience very special.

Some of the world’s most prestigious brands have got this just right and now how to build that experience and sense of excitement as part of the unpackaging.

The top 10 companies who we think do the unboxing experience best:


The distinctive blue packaging is recognised the world over. From the beautiful blue bags to the boxes to the tiny velvet pouches – even their cheapest item is elevated because of the way its presented.


This top perfume brand has gone presentation down to a T. Elegant boxes and bags tied with their signature black ribbon, it makes a special present even more appreciated.


Lush items might not be in the same price bracket as Tiffany and Jo Malone but they can definitely compete on the packaging front. Their gift sets are beautiful presented with signature wrapping paper, making budget items seem far more valuable.


Presented in an understated white box or bag and cushioned in their own bespoke paper – The White Company has got their unboxing experience absolutely nailed.


This American toy company has taken unboxing to a whole new level. Their toy puppies come in a printed cardboard box which virtually unboxes itself to reveal the toy inside.


It’s not surprising to find out that Apple has its own packaging expert, responsible for the design of the boxes that your device arrives in. In fact, this company takes unboxing so seriously that they have another member of staff who sits in a room opening boxes to report on the experience.


A subscription beauty box, recipients love not only the treats inside but also the way that the whole experience begins when the box arrives on the doorstep.


One of the UK’s most successful subscription services, a box of adult only treats which include a printed magazine as part of their membership.


Less is more in these elegantly understated gift boxes which contain a number of nutritionally balanced snacks. Yum.


Beloved by self confessed game geeks everywhere. Boxes full of goodies relating to everyone from Harry Potter to Batman comes packed full of surprises to ramp unboxing up to super hero level.

Creativity can go a long way for your business!

The good news is that you don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to really make an impact with your customers – all it needs is a bit of creativity and imagination to help boost your brand.

Add the personal touch, an unexpected treat, a brochure, a discount offer and your product can be instantly instagrammable; which is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

At WTTB, we understand just how important it is to create synergy between your offline strategy and your online strategy and creating bespoke packaging for your business is the perfect way to do just that.


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