Our no-nonsense guide to Laser Cutting

We take away the nonsense and break down everything you need to know to laser cut like a pro!

To achieve the best results when using our laser cutting services, be sure to read this no-nonsense guide. Follow these steps and you'll be creating files like a pro in no time!

We recommend laser cutting files are created with Adobe Illustrator
® or Adobe InDesign® software. However, it doesn‘t matter which design software you create files in, as long as it can export a vector (.ai) file.

Document Assembly
Due to the complexity of laser cutting we recommend creating a separate layer in your design software for each cutting process you wish to use. E.G. Cut, Crease etc to avoid confusion when creating cutting creating paths.

Laser Presets
Be sure to set up each laser function you wish to use as a different spot colour and name them correctly to differentiate between the laser functions you intend to use. We recommend the following colours are used for each function:

Cut - 100% Magenta
Crease - 100% Yellow
Perforate - 100% Cyan
Engrave - 100% Black

Use continuous lines with a stroke thickness of 0.25pt. You do not need to manually set up perforation gaps, the machine does this automatically. To avoid break away on complex filigree cuts, leave a gap of 1.5 - 2mm between cutting lines.

Exporting Files
Ensure export function includes all spot colours, correctly named without colour management (turn off ICC-Profiles), do not convert to CMYK.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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