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Grow Your Business with User Generated Fitness Content

Businesses should never underestimate the value of third-party endorsement.

Saying how brilliant your business is always sounds better coming from somebody else, and when it comes to fitness, the proof is definitely in the (healthy) pudding!

Anyone who has successfully worked with you as a personal trainer or at your gym is a great ambassador for your business, and their transformation will hopefully lead to others following suit.

You can encourage your social media-savvy clients to share their lifestyle-changing journey, and that really is the best kind of testimonial you could hope for.

At the same time, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t share, retweet, or tag celebrities who have done their own fitness transformation as a source of inspiration for your own clientele. Influencer fitness posts can be some of the most inspiring content for your customers!

Following that, you may want to engage with some social media fitness influencers or bloggers in your area and give them a taster session in return for a review – or maybe a quick snap inside one of your selfie-frames. They are obliged to let people know that they got this for free, but that’s pretty standard and shouldn’t take away from what should be an honest opinion on the experience.

The best kind of fitness content

What kind of fitness content is most successful on social media platforms? The first step is to take a look at what those at the top of their game are doing.

Make a point of following some of the biggest online stars – you’re talking about people with millions and millions of followers who hang on their every word.

You may also want to consider asking clients or influencers to film your particular exercise regime (if it’s something new and different) and share it on YouTube.

Start building a library of images and videos that would make great content – it may not be useful at this precise moment, but it could be useful in the future.

Community is at the heart of creating user-generated fitness content. You need to engage with your clients and build a close relationship with them – after all, they can be the ambassadors for your business.

Find ways – post-COVID-19 – to get your community together and you can create an endless supply of fitness content. It may be a run along a beach, a walk in the park, a spontaneous exercise session – whatever it is, get them to social media the hell out of it!

Think about ways of getting your clients to live stream and inject a fun element to make it all the more watchable.


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