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How to Attract Customers to Gyms during the Commonwealth Games

Summer is inevitably a time when we’re hit by sporting fever and this year that’s truer than ever.

After the incredible victory by the England lionesses, we are now into the Commonwealth Games, where we can watch athletes at the peak of their fitness bid for victory. While these elite performers dedicate their lives to their chosen sport, it doesn’t mean that their skill can’t act as an impetus for other people to think about getting fit.

Which offers the perfect opportunity for anyone running a gym, fitness sessions or who operates as a personal trainer to cash in on the current enthusiasm for all things physical. There’s never been a better time to look at ways of attracting new customers and showing them how getting fit is not only good for them – it can be fun as well.

Marketing ideas to attract customers

You may want to consider running your own Commonwealth Games recruitment evenings, perhaps decorating your establishment with bunting or flags from the nations who are participating.

Create some eye catching flyers or leaflets which you can hand out door to door or leave at prominent places to engage people – it’s a great way of both attracting and retaining customers.

One of the great methods of attracting customers is to create some banners – either of the pop up variety or those you can tie to a fence or outside a building – to highlight your services. Use some Commonwealth Games imagery to make it more topical and put that idea into people’s minds that this is now the time to get back in shape.

It’s a tried and tested marketing method which can really make an impact. Perhaps you can offer a discount and get people to quote a particular code when they get in touch – then you’ll also be able to monitor how effective it has been.

Motivating people is always at the heart of attracting more customers and it’s always worth looking at ways to engage people who aren’t necessarily very sporty. Look at reassuring them that they won’t be surrounded by super fit people in body hugging lycra and that you welcome people at all levels, all ages and of all shapes and sizes.

You could create sessions which are aimed totally at beginners – this is definitely worth considering when you’re looking at gym membership engagement ideas.

Creative ways to attract customers

Create a special discount available to anyone who signs up during the Commonwealth Games – that’s a great and very topical call to action.

You could also create a points scheme with prizes for incentives. Again it doesn’t need to be anything massively expensive but something that will encourage members to stay involved. It could be mug which says “Well done” and has your logo and branding on it, or even a mouse mat with some motivational messages on it to keep them going when they might be going to falter.

Just staying front of mind is a great way to retain your clients – and also to get them to hopefully recommend you to friends and family. There are lots of great promotional items that you can use to bring in new members and keep those that you do have loyal.

If someone is looking to join some kind of fitness organisation you want to make sure it’s yours – so find out what draws people to a gym.

As well as the basics – having the equipment people want to use, a good programme of classes, excellent facilities – there are other measures you can take to make your establishment the most attractive. Think about what time you’re opening – is it convenient for people to have a session on their way to work or later in the evening?

You may consider speaking to local businesses and offering a special membership package for their staff – or their may be other ways you can work together.

Could you do special offer vouchers that you can create for their customers and visa versa? Cross promotion is an excellent, relatively cheap and cost effective way to promote what you offer. There are lots of different kind of businesses which could be a good fit for you to work with – from sportwear providers to healthy restaurants and cafes.

And of course given that team work is one of the cornerstones of sporting success, then you can demonstrate how it’s an important part of your business.

Strategies to attract and keep customers

For many gyms and fitness studios the start of each year is traditionally a boom time – where people are filled with resolutions following the excesses of the festive season. But savvy businesses need to ensure they have ways of keeping their clients with them throughout the year, not just for a month or two before their enthusiasm wanes.

An event like the Commonwealth Games – and the Euro 2022 final – creates a huge amount of interest and makes even the biggest couch potato toy with the idea of getting up and getting moving.

And that is an opportunity that’s too good to miss – so they need to know about what you can offer and how you can help. A brochure or booklet with all of the benefits of joining your gym is a great way of cashing in on the current level of interest.

What is also worth flagging up in the social aspect of being part of a gym. Perhaps organise some get togethers or even a night out, the opportunity to make new friends can also be very appealing and may help boost your membership even further.

Take the bull by the horns and use this time of sporting fever to promote your business – do it right and you’ll take home a gold every time!


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