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Taking Your Fitness Business Online: How to Start A Fitness Website

There’s a certain school of thought that marketing is about throwing some mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.

But to anyone who wants to take their fitness business online – to retain existing customers and attract new ones – a more strategic approach is probably the best option.

We would imagine that you have a hardcore customer base by now. Perhaps you work with them at the gym or you’ve been doing some one-to-one sessions. But now you’re recognising the fact that you could boost your business and attract a larger audience by taking your fitness business online.

Initially, it’s worth spending some time deciding on who you want to target and why – this will not only give you a clear picture of how to start a fitness website but will also inform your social media strategy (more of that later).

If you haven’t already done so, then register your domain name – it should ideally be the one you’re currently trading under or, if you’re starting from scratch, do it at the same time as you establish your company name.

Your website is the place to showcase your skills and talents and – more importantly – it needs to be a call to action to get people to sign up.

It’s worth considering a teaser where people can share their contact details (to help you start to build a database) to get access to a free taster class online. This is a great way to engage with potential customers, show your skills, and sell your personality.

The best fitness websites

Some of the best and most successful fitness websites offer visitors much more than just a way to sign up.

Free advice, recipes, and Q and As all make customers feel like they getting some added value, and even if they don’t join at that precise moment, chances are they’ll feel more kindly disposed when the time is right, and will look your way.

There’s no reason not to sell through your website, of course, and once you’ve got that contact information you can offer them some incentives such as a daily fitness tips, an exercise they can do at home, etc. – just to keep you and your business front of mind.

A virtual programme of classes and sessions which people can access via your site is also very appealing – particularly at a time when we’re all spending more time at home.

One North East personal trainer – who is now recruiting at a rate of about 100 new members every week – uses his website to highlight his live cooking classes where he prepares healthy dishes.

Think out of the box, and your online fitness website could prove very lucrative.

What you do need to remember, however, is in order to ensure continued success, you will need to employ a marketing strategy that includes both online and offline – think business cards, banners, and more!


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