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Catchy Names for Hospitality Business 101

Your brand name. It’s only the first thing your guests are likely to see on all promotional material for your hotel, bar, or restaurant, on that sign hanging outside of your premises, and on any advertising… so no pressure, right?

Choosing a creative name for a hospitality business may seem daunting, but it’s reassuring to remember that everyone had to start somewhere.

After all, Hilton, Marriott, Travelodge, McDonald’s, and Starbucks didn’t just become huge brands overnight – they all started with an idea – and a name.

Coming Up with Hospitality and Hotel Name Ideas

Think about what you want your name to communicate and brainstorm words that bring that association. Does your business offer all the modern luxuries in the middle of a bustling city, or is it a quiet bed and breakfast in a more rural location? Is it a fine dining restaurant, a grab-and-go eatery, or a plush cocktail bar?

Try to put yourself in your guests’ shoes – or their complimentary slippers, in the case of a hotel – and imagine what they’re likely to search for to find you, as you will want your name to reflect this.

Good ideas are rarely the first ones you have, so make a list of potential catchy names for your hospitality business and try them out on your family and friends. You should be able to rely on them to give you an honest answer, so if you announce your frontrunner and you’re met with looks of confusion, then you may need to scratch that one off the list.

Should you pick a unique hotel name?

While catchy names for hospitality businesses can be a great marketing tool, there are some important points to consider before you make a final decision.

It’s great to choose something unique so you stand out from your competitors, but you don’t want to pick something too obscure that your guests won’t be able to remember.

Likewise, an unusual spelling may be tempting, but if your customers are likely to spell it incorrectly when they search for it, then this may hinder your business more than help it.

However, if you have your heart set on something truly unique, then it may be worth adding a location marker afterwards. This will increase your chances of showing up in online searches.

Visualise your hospitality name idea

When you have narrowed the list down to a couple of potential names, it’s time to picture how it will look in practice.

Having a creative brand name is great in theory, but as it’s likely to appear on business cards, letterheads, internal branding, and brochures to name just a few, so it needs to look good visually too.

Once you see your ideas written down, you can get rid of any that don’t work. Hopefully, you’ll be left with the perfect choice that ticks all the boxes.


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