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Growing Your Business: Personalised Hotel Experiences

We all want to feel like a valued customer when we shop, so if the choice is between a general promotion or a seemingly tailor-made experience, it’s not hard to see which one would win.

Personalisation can be everything from programming your company’s marketing emails with your customer’s name to sending them a special offer on their birthday.

A personalised service is something customers have grown to seek and expect and, with hundreds of thousands of hospitality businesses in the UK for them to choose from, it’s a great way to make your venue stand out.

Create a newsletter

Not only is a newsletter a great promotional tool, but your sign-up process could also gather some useful information about your customers.

All you need to add them to your mailing list is their email and name, but adding questions about their interests, age, and location could help you target your responses in future marketing. However, some people may be uncomfortable sharing that data online, so make sure you make your questions optional to keep everyone happy.

At the same time, there’s also no substitute for sending out a brochure or flyer that people can actually hold in their hand. People like to have something they can browse at their leisure, particularly when it comes to deciding on something as important as where to spend their leisure time. You can use the information you’ve gathered about their interests to make sure you that target your marketing materials in the right direction, which is invaluable in building customer awareness and those all-important bookings.

Make an app

With apps for everything from online games to tracking your deliveries, it’s no wonder the hospitality industry is now on board.

There are plenty of success stories, with Virgin Hotels and Premier Inn’s apps introducing a whole host of personalisation options that guests can access from their phones.

These include adjusting the temperature in the room, making a dinner reservation at a nearby restaurant, and streaming content straight to the TV. All of this provides their customers with a personalised hotel experience.

But it isn’t just a successful strategy for hotels, with many restaurants utilising apps for ordering takeout or making a reservation. Companies like Nando’s allow you to view the menu, filter out allergens, and collect rewards through the app, creating even more of a streamlined experience for its diners.

All of these little touches give the customer the impression that a business is going the extra mile for them, and these are the things they are likely to remember when they’re making plans in the future.


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