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How To Bring Punters To Your Hospitality Venue To Enjoy The Euros

Let’s face it – it’s not just football fans that are enjoying some much-needed respite provided by the 2020 Euros.

For the hospitality sector, the games have brought an opportunity to help boost trade, with people foregoing sitting at home (and we know we’ve all done enough of that!) to watch matches on big screens, in beer gardens, or back in their favourite pubs.

Savvy operators have come up with proactive plans – to get customers through the doors and share the experience of watching the beautiful game. So how do you reach that goal? (See what we did there?) How do you get all the punters and pundits to choose your venue to enjoy the Euros experience?

Luckily at WTTB, we’ve been kicking around (yes, we did it again) some great ideas and have come up with some brilliant offers to put your business ahead of the game.

It may seem like we’re stating the obvious, but the first step is to let your customers know they can watch the matches with you – and there’s no better way than some simple outdoor banners to inform them that you’re screening the games. Buy a selection with a blank space that you can fill in yourself to promote the next match – they’re cost-effective, so it’s not going to break the bank.

Posters in your windows for passers-by to see that they can book a table and watch the games with you are a great way to bring the message home. You could even stick a few on the back of the toilet doors to get to a captive audience…

And of course, we all know football can be hungry work, which is why it’s a great opportunity to boost your coffers even further. You may decide on a completely different menu to your usual food offering, which is where WTTB short-run printing comes into its own.

Just select how many menus you need, and you can entice your customers to spend more of their cash with you – result! You could produce a menu that reflects the cuisine of the countries that are playing each other as an added marketing boost. Again, the short-run printing would allow you to produce a whole range of different menus which can add to the experience of each game – and get people returning to your venue.

Signage outside of your pub, bar, or restaurant, such as pavement A-frames and some well-placed banners, can also help drive the message home – and of course, don’t forget to get some decorations up!

You needn’t go to the expense of buying flags made of material – it’s much cheaper just to get them printed, and you can again change the décor to match whichever teams are playing at that particular time.

How about some life-sized cutouts of your favourite players? Scatter them around the pub and you’re guaranteed to bring in the crowds – it’s the perfect Instagram opportunity and a great way to publicise your venue at an incredibly low cost.

While you may be really busy during the run of the competition, it’s also a good time to think ahead. Why not make the most of your pub full of punters and encourage them to come back after the Euros are over? Give them a flyer with a list of other activities and events you’re planning or even include a special offer as an incentive to return. You could print your own loyalty cards to give them another reason to come back time and time again. What we want to create is pub/bar muscle memory, so they always gravitate to you.

Run a free draw so that you can start creating a database of customers (make sure you include an opt-out tick box) which is invaluable to any business. Again, some flyers with a form attached are the perfect way to gather details so that you can keep your visitors informed of any future activities. Or why not create your own quiz sheets that fans can fill in during breaks in the action? After all, everyone likes the opportunity to show how clever they are and how much knowledge they have!

Every venue is vying for the football crowd in the coming weeks, so it’s important that you put in place some added reasons as to why they should choose you.

Some great marketing products, a bit of imagination, and smart thinking will definitely see you end up in the champions league!


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