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How to Promote Your Hotel or Hospitality Business

Advertising may seem like the obvious way to get your name out there, but the costs can rack up quickly, and you can’t guarantee that you’ll get a good return on your investment.

However, there are lots of ways you can promote your hotel, bar, or restaurant on a budget – or for no money at all.

How to market your hotel on social media

Whether you’re adding a new dish to the menu, running a competition for a free overnight stay, or just want to remind your customers that you’re there, social media can be a valuable resource. For example, competitions on social media are a great way to boost engagement, and you can ask people to enter by sharing or tagging people in your posts. Not only will this put your business in front of new potential customers, but it will also only cost you the price of your prize – which could be a voucher to spend at your venue or a free dinner for two.

Once you have your new audience, make sure to keep them around by posting regular updates on your channels about any new menus or changes.

Promotions and packages

We all love feeling like we’re getting a bargain, and a special offer is an excellent incentive to get people to visit your business. You don’t want to take away from your full-price trade, so it’s a great idea to introduce these for your quieter periods.

Whether you’re a hotel or a café, there’s a clever promotion to keep your business bustling during quieter times. Discounting your rates midweek may help to fill rooms that would otherwise be empty. Or creating a special lunch deal is a good way to encourage office workers to visit during the workday.

Team up with local businesses

Building good relationships with other local businesses isn’t just good for community spirit – it could also help you reach a brand-new audience.

If there’s a popular theatre or music venue nearby, then why not offer ticket holders money off their food or drinks at your venue beforehand to drive sales? Likewise, hotels or bed and breakfasts within easy driving distance of popular visitor attractions could look at creating a special deal which includes a pair of tickets with their overnight stay.

Your customers will have an extra incentive to visit your venue, and if the business highlights you in return, then you may find yourself with a whole host of new customers.

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