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The Importance of Customer Loyalty in the Hospitality Industry

Whether it’s the atmosphere, a delicious dish, or the great service that keeps us coming back for more, we all have favourite venues we’ll return to again and again.

Customer loyalty in the hospitality industry is an invaluable asset, with happy patrons more likely to share their experience and come back with their friends.

Ensure a quality experience

It may sound obvious, but the easiest way to create customer loyalty in the hospitality industry is by making sure they have the best possible experience the first time around.

Think of ways you can go the extra mile for your guests. It could be as simple as a hotel adding chocolates on the pillow or adding a question into the booking process where you can find out if they’re celebrating a special occasion during their visit. These small additions can help with customer retention in the hotel industry, and they are methods that can be adapted across the hospitality sector at large.

Customers will be more likely to leave a glowing review if they feel like they’ve had top quality treatment during their visit, and this is also likely to influence future guests.

Optimise your online content

The customer experience starts before they even step foot into your venue, with more and more people using the web to book hotels and find restaurants and bars. This means it’s more important than ever to optimise your web content so it is easily accessible from all devices.

It may seem a small thing, but time is valuable, and streamlining the process is something customers are likely to remember in the future when they decide whether to rebook. You don’t want customers to visit your site to make a booking, only to end up choosing one of your competitors simply because their website was easier to access.

Encourage feedback

You can’t be with your guests every minute of their visit, so while you may see them enjoying their meal in the restaurant, you may not hear about an issue they had behind closed doors in their hotel room.

Getting feedback after their visit can be an excellent tool to check what you’re doing right and where you still have to improve.

Filling out surveys can be time-consuming, so you may want to consider offering an incentive for completing it, such as being entered into a prize draw that rewards a voucher.

However, finding out about their experience could be as easy as encouraging your staff to ask certain questions at the end of a meal or overnight stay, which shows your customers that their opinion is valued.


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