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Unique hotel and hospitality marketing ideas

When you run a hotel, it’s vital that you keep on top of your hotel marketing and promotion. It may be that in the first few months of an opening or relaunch bookings fly in but after a while, a new hotel could open, attracting existing and potential customers away from your business. The key to keeping people interested and rebooking is to reaffirm just how good you are, as well as give them reasons to return – along with ensuring that you are never far from their minds with consistent and engaging hospitality marketing materials.

How can I promote my hotel?

Why do people visit a hotel? Is it for work? Leisure? Weddings? A fantastic restaurant? Or maybe all of these reasons. Promoting what you have to offer, such as conference facilities and wedding and banqueting services is very important. To this end, you need a hotel marketing plan.

Venue marketing should include printed materials so you might want to get a brochure printed detailing all that you do and how you do it. A beautiful booklet can be mailed out to prospective customers, as well as displayed in key areas of the hotel.

It's also worth creating your own magazine which you can leave in the bedrooms, which is a great way to cross-promote your offering. Your guest might be with you for some R & R but how do you know they don’t organise conferences or are looking for a wedding venue?

Creating a beautiful brochure is a great way to highlight everything you have on-site.

Banners are a good way to tell people about special offers, or whether you have spa or conference facilities

It is essential that you know who your target customer is. If you run a boutique hotel with designer features then you will probably be promoting your establishment to those wanting romantic couples’ weekends, not big family get-togethers.

Here are some venue promotion ideas for you to consider…

Make it child-friendly:
Maybe you have a cuddly toy for every child who stays with you, large family-sized rooms or suites with connecting doors, a children’s pool, or children’s menus. If you are promoting your hotel to families, these are the things you need to shout about.

Romantic weekends:
Run special offers for couples, especially in the low season when business slackens off. Maybe you could produce a romantic weekend handbook with details of local restaurants and places to visit. You can also offer help to anyone who is planning to propose. Suggest creating a bespoke cocktail into which the ring would be placed or serve up the ring alongside an afternoon tea.

You also need to capitalise on the most romantic day of the year - Valentine’s Day - with a specially printed set menu for both food and drinks, celebrating the occasion.

Promote your conference rooms:
If you run a business hotel, then ensure that everyone knows how brilliant your internet connection is and how well you are equipped for presentations etc. Maybe you should produce flyers to insert in publications or have on display in the hotel.

Is your hotel licenced for weddings? If so, you will probably be offering an entire wedding package, including a wedding planner, catering and photographer. A booklet for this is absolutely essential, as many people visiting possible wedding venues will want to collect as much information as they can before making up their minds.

You can also offer to provide everything including table plans and name place cards as part of their wedding package.

Dog friendly:
If you are dog friendly, then advertise the fact! During lockdown, households bought 3.2m new pets, according to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, most of them cats and dogs. Many of those people will want to bring their pet pooch on holiday with them. You may even want to employ someone as a dog concierge to ensure Rover is dined and entertained in as much style as their owners are – now wouldn’t that be a unique hotel quirk?

How do hotels attract customers?

Obviously, many people these days go on the internet and search websites for reviews, but that isn’t the only way to make your hotel stand out to prospective visitors. Traditional advertising in newspapers and magazines work well too. You might want to create an advert around a promotion such as two nights for one.

Can you promote in a hotel?

Yes. You can promote facilities such as the spa, weddings, and special events you might be holding in the future. You might want to print marketing incentives to get customers to re-book or print leaflets telling people what you are doing at key times of the year like Christmas, Easter and New Year. What about introducing a loyalty scheme with personalised loyalty cards to encourage people to return?

How can I attract more guests to my hotel?

Other strategies for attracting guests to your hotel include encouraging guests to give you good reviews on travel sites, inviting journalists along for a press visit in return for a review, and offering couples who married in the hotel special offers if they return for their anniversary/birth of their first child etc.

You could create your own range of anniversary cards to send out to customers – it’s not only a great way to show you care about their business but it also acts as a timely reminder that they should make a return visit.


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