How customers can be your best sales people

When looked after correctly, your customers can become your best sales people – especially in hospitality. Read below to find out how…

Good customer service is your biggest sales tool – and bad service your biggest obstacle

If you’re working in anything public-facing, where you’re supplying a service, this service is your biggest asset. Whether you supply someone with accommodation, someone dines in your restaurant or drinks in your bar, the better the experience they have, the more likely they are to rave about their experience. Word of mouth is still essential in hospitality, and people are happy to give a venue a go based on the recommendation of people they know.

Conversely, bad service and experience is likely to be even more memorable than good. Based on this, you’ll also want to avoid bad customer service that could lead to bad feedback that people are likely to share.

Take advantage of review sites

Facebook reviews, Google reviews and the infamous TripAdvisor are all big influencers when people are picking hotels and places to eat. Encourage customers to leave reviews of their time at your venue so that you have a portfolio of good feedback for potential new customers to look through and decide whether to pay you a visit. You can put up playful signs around the venue suggesting that they leave you a review.

Create print products that pack a punch

Whether it’s food menus, drinks menus or placemats, your print marketing helps to say a lot about your brand very quickly to your customer. To ensure they take some of the branded print away with them, create card tokens or vouchers that they can take and share with their friends. Add an incentive with a small discount, or offer for first-time visitors that will be hard to resist.

For more information on how the Where The Trade Buys team can provide memorable print products for the hospitality industry, get in touch or check out our products for the hospitality industry.

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