How I made my photographs into printed cards

Guest author Matthew Parker shares his experience using Where The Trade Buys to produce printed material for his new photography venture.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your work in print?

As a keen photographer, I wanted to do more with my images than just see them on a screen. I felt it was time to get them into print. And the first way to try this out was to make some of my favourite images into greetings cards. I liked the idea of being able to send my images as a personal greeting to friends. It was also a chance to celebrate the launch of my new website Images With Stories.

My main worry was whether a photograph taken and edited on an iPhone would make the grade on a printed card. And the second was whether I could get this done quickly and cost-effectively. I decided to have a look at the online options.

Enter Where The Trade Buys

Where The Trade Buys had some very competitive pricing for greetings cards. I liked the fact that you could get an option for printing more than one card at the same time and that this was more competitive. It was easy to compare instant quotes for different numbers of cards and quantities.

I chose to have a designer that I knew to create the artwork for my cards. However, Where The Trade Buys also offer the option to create your cards using their easy to use online design tool. (Although note that this only works if you are ordering one card at a time and not for multiple versions).

When I ordered the cards I also chose to have Where The Trade Buys do a complete artwork check. This was only £10. I was very glad I chose this as the designer had made a couple of errors that were swiftly picked up. It meant that I didn’t end up printing a whole batch of cards that would have been wrong.

I was really pleased with the results

Production only took three working days after the approval of the artwork. On the fourth day, the delivery arrived. (I was given a tracking number so I knew what was happening to my delivery). This was the moment of truth!

If I am honest, the results were better than I had hoped for. The resolution from my iPhone was perfect. The colour reproduction was also very good. You do have to take into account that print on paper cannot achieve quite the same range as an image on the screen. And an online service such as this will not suit those who measure their colour curves exactly. But I was more than happy with the results and felt it was an excellent representation of what had been on my phone screen.

If you create your own photography or art, you really should get it printed

Whether you are a photographer, artist or crafter you should seriously think about having your work printed. An online print provider such as Where The Trade Buys is an excellent way to manage this quickly, easily and efficiently. The cost of printing 200 cards with four different designs was astoundingly cheap and it included envelopes as well.

I’m also talking to a couple of local shops about them stocking my cards. So hopefully Where The Trade Buys will have some repeat orders soon!

Online printing companies like Where The Trade Buys are for so much more than business cards, roller banners and flyers. I am now going to look at ordering some framed prints or canvases of my pictures. And I quite like the idea of creating my own bookmarks , gift tags and even wrapping paper !

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