How the value of beautiful things creates opportunities for print resellers

Where The Trade Buys provides insight into creating opportunities using the value of branding.

Can you really taste the difference between supermarket and branded foods?

Many of the taste tests often struggle to find much difference between a supermarket product and a branded one. In fact, it's not uncommon for the cheaper items to be rated better in taste tests!

So why are so many people prepared to pay a high premium for a certain make of product? Especially when they could buy a very similar supermarket version much cheaper? The answer lies in a single word: branding.

Many people are happy to pay substantially more if a product is branded well

Some people prefer the reassurance of a well-known name. Others like to align themselves to something that is new or cool or independent. Some people prefer particular brands because they reflect their personal ethics.

Some people feel that buying a particular label helps improve their image. Others feel that they are taking a stand by purchasing from a company that takes a certain standpoint.

No matter what the reasoning behind this sort of purchase, it only works if a brand is being created in the right way. The company needs to get its message out. It needs to reflect that message in everything it does. This includes marketing and packaging.

Branding creates great opportunities for print

Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in the number of independent products that are being created. Many of them have a brand and a message that must be clearly communicated I order for the product to succeed. Print is a highly effective way to communicate a brand.

Remember that the branding is not just about the design that is being printed. The brands must also be reflected in the way that packaging and publicity materials are specified. The right substrates and the right finishes must be chosen.

Let's take the example of artisan chocolate. This chocolate is being sold at premium prices. The packaging needs to reflect an air of luxury. Luxury goods deserved luxury print. Because they are being sold at higher prices and, usually, higher profit margins there is also more budget to spend on print.

Print resellers can profit from the increase in companies like this 

Companies that are just getting going need a lot of help in creating the right brand. They are not experts in print and packaging. They need someone to advise them. A print reseller is ideally placed to do this.

Make a list of the new start-ups in your area. It is worth approaching them and seeing how you can help with their requirements. Many of these companies are buying their print online. They are not getting personal attention. They are missing the opportunity to make the most from their print. Many will not be creating the right feeling for their new brand.

By providing unique print solutions and introducing finishes such as Scodix or Laser Cutting, your customers will find that they are able to communicate their values very effectively through print. They will be well on the way to creating brands that are just as compelling as those created by more established companies. Selling print in the right way means that you will also be able to benefit from this.

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