How to encourage customers to become your best sales people

Where The Trade Buys offer simple, yet effective ways to encourage your customers to become your best sales people. Take away these handy tips today!

Do you know the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Even if you are very well acquainted with Roald Dahl’s famous story, you may not know the impact it has recently has on print. A theatre agency were keen to publicise a forthcoming theatre production in an unusual way.

There are now so many shows that people can go to. So the agency wanted to market the play to group ticket sales agencies in a way that would really stand out. They settled on the idea of a golden ticket campaign, just like the golden tickets in the story.

Of course, they could have just sent out a flyer with a picture of a golden ticket. But that would not have had the impact that they were looking for. They created a special ticket, wrapped around a chocolate bar.

To give the ticket extra a more powerful impression, they gave it an impossible effect using our Scodix technology.

Charlie’s golden tickets produced great results for everyone

Everyone was talking about this campaign. The customers loved it. The theatre was also very impressed by it. And it certainly caught the attention of other agencies!

But the campaign was also very successful for the theatre agency. Suddenly, everyone was talking about print marketing rather than digital marketing. They were also talking about a print job that had a much higher cost and profit level than a standard campaign.

The theatre agency received a huge amount of recognition from many different areas for this successful campaign. Naturally, it resulted in more enquiries for similar campaigns. These came both from existing customers and new prospects.

How can you help your customers create similar campaigns?

If you can create a similar standout piece of print for one of your customers, you will benefit hugely. You will find that your customers will be showing off about their new print project. They will be promoting print. They will also be promoting you.

Your customer is becoming part of your sales team.

Naturally, you shouldn’t rely on your customers to do all your sales for you! If you have produced a piece of print of which you are proud, here are three ways in which you can promote it.

Send case studies and samples to customers

We are often far too shy about spreading the word on great projects that we have produced for our customers. Always get some extra items printed when you have something unusual. Write up the story behind the project. Send it out to other customers. Keep inspiring them to produce premium print. Keep inspiring them to spend more with you.

Do not restrict this exercise to your current customers.

Talk about your print projects at networking events

There is a huge rise in local business networking events. Everyone expects a print seller to be present at these events. That means it can be difficult for people to remember you. Often, one print seller sounds pretty much like another!

That’s why you should talk about the unusual print projects are you have carried out. This will make you stand apart from your competition. In addition, you should try and encourage other people to handle your samples. This will make both your company and your project much more memorable to them.

There is a natural follow-on activity to this.

Remember to ask for referrals

Naturally, no matter how good your print project, it won’t be suitable for everyone you talk to. However, the chances are that they will know someone for whom it might be suitable. So, whether you are talking to existing clients or potential new prospects, always make sure that you ask if they know of anyone else who might be interested in the project.

People always want to talk about unusual products and services. It is much easier to make introductions on this basis, rather than just referring yet another standard company.

Try out one of these strategies today

After all, this could be your golden ticket to more print sales and higher print profits!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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