How to help your customers spend more money on print...

Where The Trade Buys explains how to create upsell opportunities by crafting tempting premium upgrade offers...

Have you noticed how good retailers are at taking extra revenue from customers?

Every time you look at an item from Amazon, they tell what other items are popular. They make suggestions about what else you should to your shopping basket. Before you know it, you are spending more than you planned.

It is just the same if you go to a supermarket. There are so many offers to buy a second item for very little extra. If you go to a coffee shop, there is always a tempting upsell to buy something to eat with your drink at a price that is lower than if you purchased the items separately.

Customers like to spend more money

This is something that print sellers can and should take advantage of. Often a customer asks for a price for an item. This is our opportunity to offer them something more. Naturally, we should create the price that they asked for. However, we should also offer then an upsell. We should create a premium offer for them.

Here are three tips to make your premium offer as successful as possible:

Make your premium offer relevant to the main item

Make sure the premium offer is something that is a natural upsell to what your customer is asking for. For instance, if they request a leaflet you could:

  • Offer them an extra price for more copies than they originally asked for
  • Suggest they print on a better quality paper
  • Create an alternative leaflet format

If they ask for a Roller Banner , it is tempting to offer the lowest priced product in case the customer is checking prices. However, as well as offering them a Classic Roller Banner , you can also offer them a Premium Roller Banner or a Double-Sided Roller Banner. These ideas all start conversations that set you apart from the competition and can persuade the customer to spend more with you.

Don’t charge too much extra for the premium

Let’s go back to the supermarkets and the coffee shops. All those upsell are tempting because you don’t have to spend an awful lot more. It should be the same for your premium options. If you offer something that doubles the price, the customer is likely to reject it. But if you offer something that is just 10-15% more then the customer is much more likely to purchase. 

Let’s say you are creating a Casebound Book for your customer. At the time of writing, to produce 25 A5 32pp hardback books with 32 pages of mono text costs £154.17. But it only costs £8.05 extra to print the text in colour. And you can charge a little more for the design as well. It is a perfectly priced premium option.

Similarly, it is only £25 to upgrade to a Premium Roller Banner or £28 to upgrade to a Double-sided Roller Banner.

Remember to create extra profit margin

Premium options are also an opportunity to make more money. Customers often check the price of the main item against the competition. But, once they have decided on an item and a supplier, they tend to stop checking. So you can add more profit onto the upsell.

Offering premium options doesn’t have to take much time

If you use the Where The Trade Buys instant pricing calculator, the process is quick and simple. The pricing options will give you lots of ideas for premium upgrade. And you can price them in seconds. 

Try offering a premium option today!

Offer a premium upsell on your next ten quotes. We’d be very surprised if someone didn’t take you up on your offer. Soon you’ll be as smart a seller as the Amazon or the supermarkets!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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