How to sell premium print products to your marketing clients

A handy guide for marketers on selling premium print products to clients – and how to really add value to your clients’ business.

How to sell premium print products to your clients

For those reading this who work at a marketing agency, you’re likely to be used to explaining to your clients why print marketing is so effective – trust us, we’re right there with you!

For those trying to sell the value of print products, especially premium print products, it can be a real challenge. That’s why we’ve created this guide for marketers on selling premium print products to clients – and how they can really add value to your clients’ business.

Premium products create profitable business

If your clients want to stand out from their competition, premium products will help them do it – most people can buy basic-quality products, and have them as standard. By slightly increasing investment at the print product stage, they could create a big return on investment further down the line.

They have a big impact on branding

Print is a very effective way to promote a brand – especially when the message needs to be clearly communicated. For example, the packaging for a luxury product needs to be as luxury as the brand, otherwise a consumer won’t associate the product with quality.

It’s very easy to add a premium feel to print products

If clients are wondering how they can add a premium finish to standard print products, you can explain how little it takes to give a premium feel…

Incorporate Laser Cutting

On anything from gift tags to flyers and labels, laser cutting can have a brilliant effect on your print materials. The laser allows complex shapes to be cut out of the product, creating complex designs with ease.

Laser cutting allows very complex shapes to be produced, meaning short runs of special shapes are now economical to produce too. See here for more details about laser cutting using our motion cutter system.

Add Scodix Finishing

Scodix is a form of digital enhancement that leaves a raised ink effect. It gives a raised finish that people want to touch and interact with – and certainly adds a hint of luxury. Scodix looks great on business cards, presentation folders, menus and brochures. 

Premium print products give the best first impression for your clients’ business and may be the determining factor in whether they get a foot in the door or not. If you make your customers aware that these products exist, and the benefits they can have, they are much more likely to use them for their marketing efforts.

For more information on how the Where The Trade Buys team can provide memorable print products to benefit your customers, get in touch today! 


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