How your premium print products create sales for you

Do you have a hidden project that you should be talking more about? Or is it time to go and create something with impact?

Print resellers should all have a standout piece in their portfolio

If you have imaginative, premium print products you will be able to create a new level of relationship with your prospects and customers. They will see you as a creative business partner rather than a simple print supplier. You will be in control of a very different type of selling conversation. You will find it much easier to achieve your print sales goals.

Print resellers that do not showcase premium print products will find it much harder to achieve the same results. Their prospects and customers will control the relationship. They will treat these print resellers as quality suppliers.

Here are three other advantages of creating products like this...

You no longer need a sales pitch

As soon as prospects see an item like this, they start talking to you. They want to find out how you have created this piece. Suddenly, the sales dynamic is totally changed. It is the prospect rather than the salesperson that is leading the conversation. You no longer have to convince potential customers as to why they should use your company. You will print projects do the talking for you. Projects like this have another advantage, as well.

You can charge premium prices

Items like these are not commodity pieces of print. Buyers cannot approach numerous print sellers to see who has the cheapest price. There is nothing to compare a project like this with.

In addition, a premium piece of print has a much higher perceived value. People are no longer simply paying for the materials and the printing process. They are paying for your creativity and design expertise.

A project as unusual as this creates a “want” factor. If you can find the right potential customer, they will create a reason to buy this type of print. They won’t be checking their spreadsheets to see if it has been budgeted for. Remember, the “want” factor will not be limited to one customer.

Your phone will keep ringing

As other people see what you have created, the word will spread. Other people will be keen to purchase similar products. Prospects will start ringing you. You can do less cold calling.

The right premium print products start becoming a sales tool for you. They may also work in ways that you might not expect.

Here’s a curious twist to selling premium print products

Premium print products are great at opening doors. They can make the difference between you winning or losing a meeting with a prospect. However, that doesn’t mean that the prospect will automatically end up buying this type of product.

Often, when prospects see items like this they start talking to you. But they end up using you for traditional print. Premium print products sell all types of print and related services. What is the best item in your print portfolio?

Do you have a hidden project that you should be talking more about? Or is it time to go and create something with impact? Whether it's Luxe Business Cards , Laser Cut Cards or Casebound Books , you can be sure Where The Trade Buys have everything you need to get your customers talking.

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