Instant Gratification: The Way To Keeping Your Customers Happy

Where The Trade Buys offers insight into our Amazon Prime like ordering systems that allow us to fulfil speedy deliveries on behalf of our customers, to keep your customers happy...

We live in a world where we expect things right now

It doesn’t seem so long ago that we lived in a world where there was no Amazon Prime! Amazon introduced the idea that people could pay just a little bit extra and have their purchases delivered the next day. And they are working to make delivery even faster.

Everyone is trying to follow the example that they have set. Supermarkets are now looking at creating same day online delivery options. It is unthinkable that the average retailer doesn’t now offer a guaranteed next day delivery option.

So how does this work in the world of print?

Not so long ago, the average printing company was proud of their five working day turnaround (plus delivery time). But nowadays this doesn’t work for customers. Many of them only realised yesterday that they needed something today! If the printing industry continues with traditional delivery schedules it will lose print because the average customer can no longer wait that long. 

Fortunately, at Where The Trade Buys our combination of efficient online ordering systems, digital presses and LED UV litho presses allows us to fulfil speedy deliveries on behalf of our customers.

Next day print delivery print has become a reality with #colourrush

For many of our items we offer less than 24-hour turnaround. For a good number of our products, if you upload your pdfs correctly by 11am (or even noon in some cases), we can dispatch the same day if you select the speediest delivery option. Examples of these include our Flyers and our Roller Banners.

We think you’ll agree that this is as quick as gets for printing!

Where The Trade Buys have another similarity with Amazon Prime 

Not everyone wants instant delivery. If you are an Amazon Prime member and you do not need next day delivery you have the option to select a three-day delivery and receive an Amazon voucher in return. At Where The Trade Buys we have the same philosophy. If you select a longer delivery option, we’ll reduce the price of your print job.

So, whatever your delivery expectations and whatever your budget, we have you covered. Note also that, unless you are going for same day despatch, our pdf upload deadline is 8pm.

How much is speedy delivery worth to your customer?

What is the cost to them if they do not have the right marketing material for an event? What happens if they suddenly run out of brochures or business cards? In these sorts of instances, many people are prepared to pay a substantial premium for next day delivery.

If you supply print to your customers you have a very useful opportunity to charge them a fair but substantial premium if they need next day delivery. This can make a big difference to your profit margins. That’s because, for some items, we charge as little as £4 extra for a next day delivery.

Think of us as the Amazon Prime of the print world!


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