Introducing #bestprintever...

...and why you should use it to promote your business!

We’re proud to introduce the new Where The Trade Buys hashtag: #bestprintever

We want everyone to use this hashtag to promote inspirational print on Twitter. It’s a way for us all to share our best work and to be inspired by the work of others.

So how does #bestprintever work?

It’s really easy but effective. Simply post a picture of the best print that you have seen created recently. It doesn’t matter if you are the person who ordered the print, the designer or the person who created it: anyone can post. You can even post some print that you have seen that you think is worthy of sharing. 

Be sure to tag the picture with #bestprintever. We’ll be monitoring the hashtag regularly and sharing your pictures with our wider audience.

Remember, this is not restricted to print that Where The Trade Buys has produced. We’re happy to share great print produced by anyone!

Why should print sellers and creative use #bestprintever?

Imagine having your work shared in a feed that is seen by a wide range of creatives, printing companies and people who want to see and buy inspiring print. That is what this hashtag is all about. Share your work to make sure it is seen by the wider audience that it deserves.

But this feed isn’t just about sharing your work. It is also about inspiration. That is why you should follow this hashtag. The idea is that we all receive inspirational print and design ideas.

Why should other companies use #bestprintever?

Again, we are going to use the word inspiration. If you follow #bestprintever you will receive a very useful feed that shows you what you could be doing with your printed materials. You will get ideas on how you can develop the print that you use. You can use the feed to help you brief your designers and print suppliers.

In addition, if you share the work that your suppliers have carried out, you will also have your name shared on the feed. You never know who might be looking at it and who could require your products or services.

Add your print to the #bestprintever hashtag now!

We’re excited to get going with our new hashtag. Together, let’s see how big we can make it! It’s time to share your print with the rest of the world!


Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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